Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch advisor received some great news in October of last year, that he had been selected by Forbes magazine, along with 54 of this Merrill Lynch colleagues, as being one of the top 250 wealth managers in the country, quite an accolade. Patrick works for his own company Dwyer & Associates, under the umbrella of Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment arm, a position which sees him work with the ultra-rich companies in Miami, and high-earning families throughout Florida.

Patrick Dwyer is an example of what happens when you find your niche and work hard in order t make yourself a success. In light of the great man’s success, I caught up with him to find out what it was that he did, in order to find success in the difficult world of finance.

Hard Work

Patrick tells me that hard work was instilled in him since he was a child and throughout school, college and then his working life, he always employed this ethos. After completing his MBA, Dwyer was accepted on the MBA program with Merill Lynch, where he has stayed for the past 25 years, albeit now working under the banner of Merrill Lynch with his own company Dwyer & Associates. It was the level of hard work which he put in to learn his craft, that has brought him to where he is now, one of the nation’s best.

Importance of the Clients

Patrick tells me that he never lost sight of the most important aspect in the world of financial advice, the clients. Whilst of course  it was always important that Dwyer made his company money,  he knew that in serving the clients in the most professional and helpful way possible, along with delivering results, that the clients would keep coming back, thus making the company more money too. He tells me that many young financial advisors miss this step, and they fail to communicate or try to build relationships with the clients, something which Patrick never did, a testament to his character and humble nature.

Relationship Building

Patrick accelerated his way through the company until he was able to work for his own business, underneath the name of Merrill Lynch. Dwyer tells me that doing this was down to the hard work that he put in, as  well as the relationships which he made throughout the company, both with those working at the top, and the bottom. It is this ability which has got Dwyer to where he is today, and the reason why he is widely respected by those both inside the business, and the clients which he has. This is a great lesson for anyone who is looking to get into the world of finance, especially those who believe that it is a cutthroat world where it is every man and woman for themselves.

We all could learn a lot from a man like this.