The barbecue season isn’t as far away as you may think and TruGreen Lawn Care wants to make sure their customers in the Knoxville area are able to properly prep their garden ready. They want to make sure people have the lawn of their dreams, be that one that is perfect for barbecuing or one that is perfect for baseball. So how do you achieve that?

TruGreen Lawn Care’s Top Lawn Tips

The only way you can have a good looking lawn is by looking after it properly, which means doing a bit more than watering it regularly. When people sign up for a service with TruGreen, they will have their lawns watered, but they also receive weed control, fertilizer, core aeration, mowing, and more. The company will come out and test pH levels, ensuring nutrients are added to lower and raise that level so that it is as close to 7 as possible. And they will also reseed any patches that have started to die off.

There are many reasons why you should consider signing up with a professional company like TruGreen instead of doing it yourself, one of those is the huge amount of work that they will do for you, as shown. But there is also an environmental factor to consider. If you truly want to look after your lawn, you need to only use 100% organic products and they can be quite hard to find. While some products will advertise as being organic, or natural, not all of them are being quite truthful with that. Organic materials are hugely important.

Getting Creative

Another reason why some people prefer working with a company like TruGreen, is because they can get creative tips on their lawn as well. For instance:

  • A reel mower can stripes on a lawn.
  • A lawn roller can create baseball diamonds, particularly after using a reel mower.

Of course, getting creative with a lawn is fun, it is not essential to its care and maintenance. However, it is your outdoor space to enjoy and if you want to have a soccer field, baseball field, or separate areas for the kids and the adults, then you need to get a little bit creative. With the right equipment, you can do this yourself but it is even easier to ask a company like TruGreen to do it for you.

Last but not least, they will help you deal with pests and weeds. Those are the most harmful things to any lawn and not handling them properly will cause them to spread like wildfire. Something as innocent looking as a daisy, which many people don’t even see as a weed, can quickly turn into a lawn that is covered in white flowers and clovers, uncomfortable to sit on and not as beautiful as a lawn either. Pests such as moles, fungi, and diseases are even worse, since they can really kill the entire lawn off. They must be addressed professionally, not in the least so you don’t have to resort to heavy chemicals.