10 Ways of Dealing with Stress as A College Student

A significant percentage of college students go through stressful moments. It has a direct influence on their academic and social life. A study by the American Psychological Association concluded that most teens had reported their stress level as equivalent to those of adults. About 30% of college students get overwhelmed, sad, and depressed.

Stress affects their health and causes poor diet, less exercise, and weird sleep patterns. The main reason is having a lot of homework in addition to their schoolwork. There are different causes of stress:

  • Schoolwork
  • Relationships
  • Social Challenges
  • Homework
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Transitions like living alone, moving out, and graduating

There is a keen competition in school, especially when taking challenging courses, reading for SATs, and handling sports works. When they are looking for their dream college in different best college sites, it can be stressful, and once they are in, they get more stress.

Some of the challenges include making new friends, more workload, no parental support, making personal choices, and independent living. They always try to look for ways to relieve their stress from their busy schedule.

Below find different ways to relieve stress, they are easy and quick to adapt. You will end up enjoying your journey in college, as you develop your abilities and skills.

Sleep: When there is too much work, students will end up missing on their sleep. When you are sleep deprived, it will be a disadvantage to your studies. You will be less productive and have difficulty learning. Ensure you do not neglect your sleep schedule, get about 8 hours every night, and, when possible, take power naps.

Visualization: Using different guided imagery helps in reducing stress. You will end up being calm, have less stress detachment, and turn off your body from stress. When using visualization, it helps in preparing for presentations and handles better when doing your tests.

Exercise: Regular exercise helps in blowing off steam. Depending on your schedule, you start going for yoga, gym, taking walks, and riding a bike. Exercise, even after college, will help in improving your life.

Breathing: Breathing exercising helps you in calming down, when under stress. It can be done virtually in minutes, and an effective way to reduce stress when you are overwhelming.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: It involves relaxing your muscles until you are relaxed. It can be done anytime and even before bed. When you get the technique, you can relieve stress in seconds. PMR helps students to get better sleep, especially before the test.

Music: Music helps in relieving stress with its cognitive benefits. You will end up being calm; it will stimulate your mind. Students can adapt to classical music, listening to upbeat music, and hence relaxing. Listening to music is a relaxing activity and a better strategy for relieving stress.

Excellent Organization Skills: Most people believe that clutter brings about stress and reduces productivity. It will even end up costing you money. Cluttered areas have adverse effects, such as lower grades. Be a minimalist, fewer distractions, and helps in reducing stress. Stress levels will be lower when studying, manages positive feelings, and better study environment.

Better Healthy Eating: A better diet helps in boosting brainpower and energy. It is a stress management technique or approach. When the diet plan is improved, it reduces mood swings and light-headedness.

Self-Hypnosis: It is a powerful, productive tool and a stress reliever. Ensure you develop a subconscious mind, to relieve tension from your mind and body.

Positive Thinking and Affirmation: A positive mind will help in creating better circumstances; optimism and positive thinking help with better health, excellent grades, and positive relationships.