3 Idiotic Mistakes You Should Know and Avoid During Your First Year in Business

Every business owner knows that the first year is a critical and defining year for any start-up because of the high possibility of failure. This is when all the plans begin to materialize and without proper discipline and determination, your actions within the first year could make or break your business. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Not Doing a Thorough Market Research

It is one thing to have a business idea, and another thing to implement it. As such, the first year presents you with an opportunity to test a lot of things including the viability of the business as it operates, an integral part of which is your market base. If you are not very sure who you should be focusing on as your target audience, you may spend the first year making a lot of business mistakes as a result. A lot of business owners make the mistake of not taking full advantage of the first year in business to study the market first hand and make adequate adjustments that can facilitate better running of the business in the coming years.

Starting with an Incomplete Business Plan

Perhaps, the first point is a consequence of this. It is important for you to have a business plan before going into business. According to experts, a mistake some business owners make is that they do not start up with a finished business plan which should contain objectives, and important details concerning various aspects of the business including customer base, finances, and insurance.

There may be times when profits do not materialize as anticipated, given that it is just the beginning of the business. A concise plan will also spell out what your back up plan should be. The first year is a critical one and without a business plan to spell out what needs to be done at critical times, you may encounter difficulties.


It is true that you need to spend some money on branding, and making your new space look good. However, concentrating on this and forgetting about critical aspects of your business that need finances to function, is a mistake. This, on the other hand does not mean that you should hesitate in investing money. It simply means that in order to move your business forward in the first year, frivolous spending should be avoided.

Starting a new business is a very difficult undertaking to involve yourself in. On the one hand you have the potential to fulfil the dream of being your own boss and bringing a product or idea to the world. The other side of the coin is that you have to build your own business from the ground up, which takes a lot of determination, skill, money and a little bit of luck. Many people try and fail every year to bring an idea to market, and it’s only those who can adapt their ideas that eventually see success. Sometimes after decades of hard work.