3 Ways to Open Up Your Living Room

With as much time as we’re all spending indoors, it makes sense if you feel like you need some more elbow room or a change of scenery. The truth is, you might get tired of looking at the same four walls, and you might think you’re stuck with the space you have.

How can you do that without buying a whole new house?

The good news is, if you want more space in your living room, you have some options that are easy to do and cost-effective whether you use a contractor or not. And if you’re crafty and want something more involved, you have pricier options too.

With a bit of time and a little imagination, you can transform your space and make it feel brand new.

1. Take Care of the Clutter

The first way to open up space in your living room is completely free, and could even make you some money. Look at everything in your living room and ask yourself if it’s serving a purpose. Do you really need every book you’ve ever bought on your shelf? Are those knick-knacks still bringing you joy, or are they just dust collectors?

If something has been in your house long enough, you might not notice it’s there, so make a point to view everything and make a decision on each piece. Separate your items into three piles: keep, donate, and sell. Once you clear your space of extra clutter, it will help to open up your living room.

2. Build Extra Storage

Completing the decluttering task, you have to choose where to put the remaining items. Do you just put them back where you found them, or do you find a new place? If you still have more things in your living room that you want off of surfaces, consider building storage areas.

Look at your walls and see if there are areas you can take advantage of. Are there bare spaces that you can repurpose for the items you usually have sitting on your floor shelves or coffee table?

Think about adding shelves, cabinetry, or a loft (if you have high ceilings) to change the feel of your living room while giving everything you haven’t decluttered its own home.

3. Choose Furniture Wisely

Much like the knick-knacks on your bookshelves, look at the furniture in your living room. Do you ever use that chair in the corner, or your side table holding only your lamp? Consider which pieces of furniture you use, and which ones could do better in another room to open up your living room area.

One piece of furniture that’s easy to get rid of is the television stand. With tv wall mount options readily available, there’s no reason to use a tv stand. Plus, mounting the television on your wall gives you the opportunity for perfect placement so that everyone in the room gets the best view for movie night.

In fact, with all your newly found living room space, spreading out a blanket and having a movie night with the whole family won’t be a problem.

See Your Living Room in a Whole New Way

Change is good, and with some simple adjustments to your space, you can transform your room and make it feel new. Even when you’re not spending large amounts of time in your home, simplifying, decluttering, and organizing your room keeps your space fresh.

These suggestions are just a few of the many ways you can change your space for the better. Look around your own living room and use these tips as a jumping point to let your imagination soar. Then all you have to do is get to work and make it happen.