4 Reasons You May Be Suffering From Headaches

Suffering from a headache

Suffering from a headache over and over is no fun at all.  Regardless of how much medication you take, you can’t seem to get rid of the pain.  In some cases, headaches are a symptom of a particular disease or condition; and other times there’s no apparent reason for the cause.

By taking a closer look at your symptoms, and keeping track of your pain when it occurs, then you may be able to pinpoint the reason for their occurrences.  Here are some of the most common reasons that you should consider. 

You Need Glasses

Try to take notice of when your headaches flare up the most.  If it’s when you’re reading or using a screen, then you should consider that it may be your eyesight.

Getting an eye exam will determine whether you’re overcompensating for a vision issue.  If you do have a sight problem, then you’ll be given a prescription for glasses, contacts, or recommended to get corrective surgery. 


Stress and anxiety aren’t just uncomfortable feelings, but they can also take form physically.  When people are under extreme duress, they may start to develop headaches.

If you notice that your headaches usually occur following a stressful event, then you should consider avoiding the same situation again in the future.

You may also want to try stress-reducing techniques like breathing exercises or yoga

Caffeine Withdrawal

Although a lot of people depend on coffee every day to help them get up and going, it’s easy to start developing a dependence.  If you usually drink coffee and skip a day, it can lead to a migraine.

In order to avoid caffeine withdrawal, experts recommend never exceeding one cup of coffee a day. If your headaches persist, you may want to consider eliminating caffeine altogether slowly. 


If you suffer from nasal allergies, then it may be causing your headaches.  Your head is connected to your sinuses. Sinus headaches can be some of the most painful.

If you aren’t sure if you suffer from allergies, you may want to consider going in for a consultation with your doctor.  They’ll be able to examine your symptoms and give you an allergy test which will pinpoint what exactly you are allergic to. 

Headaches aren’t just a nuisance, but they can start to affect your overall quality of life.  It’s in your best interest to try to identify the problem as early on as possible rather than letting it drag on.  Don’t force yourself to endure the pain. When your daily activities are affected by your headaches, then it’s critical that you take action. 

You may not be able to stop headaches from happening ever again, but you can reduce their frequency and regain control of your comfort.