5 Reasons To Invest in Neoprene Seat Covers if You Live by the Beach

Your car is one of the most important investments you’re likely to make in your life, which is why you should do everything you can to keep it in good condition. This includes keeping regular service appointments and buying custom car seat covers to protect the interior. Humid environments are especially hard on car interiors, but neoprene seat covers can offer protection from the elements. Here are five reasons to invest in neoprene seat covers if you live by the beach.

1. Sun Protection

If you live in a sunny, tropical area, UV rays from the sun can be very hard on your vehicle’s seats. Neoprene has natural UV-resistance, which makes it a valuable ally in sunny areas. By covering your seat with neoprene seat covers, you help block the sun’s rays and prevent sun-related fading and damage.

2. Sand Protection

Sand is a natural exfoliant, and it can cause a surprising amount of damage when it comes in contact with leather or fabric seats. But if you protect your seats with custom car seat covers, you don’t need to worry about getting sand in your car. To remove the sand, simply vacuum off your seat covers or remove them and shake them off outdoors.

3. Water Protection

Living by the beach is a lot of fun, but it can also be hard on your vehicle. A humid climate can damage the interior of your car. Over time, the material on your seats absorb moisture in the air. As this happens, it can damage the fabric and the cushion beneath. Neoprene is a water-resistant material, so it’s a great choice for people who live by the beach. When you encase your seat in neoprene, you minimize water damage and discourage mold growth. It’s also wise to purchase truck rubber floor mats that can cover up the carpet on your flooring and protect it against water saturation.

4. Value

There are many car seat materials from which you can choose, but some are prohibitively expensive. Neoprene is one of the most affordable car seat cover materials you can buy. If you want to protect your car from the sun, sand and water without exceeding your budget, you can’t go wrong with neoprene. This material is affordable but also durable. It will keep your car seats well-protected in tropical environments.

5. Comfort

When you live in a hot environment, you need a car seat cover that can keep you cool and comfortable. Neoprene doesn’t irritate your skin in hot weather like leather tends to do. It’s a breathable fabric that doesn’t stick to your skin like leather does. It can also absorb some of the bumps you encounter while driving, thanks to its thickness. Neoprene also feels comfortable against the skin and resists tears better than some other car seat materials.

As you can see, neoprene is a great solution for your custom car seat covers. It’s not only durable, UV0-resistant and water-resistant, but it’s also comfortable for your skin and inexpensive to buy. When choosing neoprene covers for your seats, make sure you measure carefully so you get the right fit for your vehicle.