5 things you need to know about vaping away from tobacco

There is a lot of controversy on vaping, but it still seems to be the best way to work yourself off cigarettes and nicotine. If you smoke, or know someone that smokes, you already know that the majority of tobacco smokers want to quit but never seem to manage it. Most People that stop cold turkey seem to relapse within a week as nicotine addiction is insidious and one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. If you are looking to quit, or at least not let cigarettes be your master, you need to get a vape pen and some vape juice. Regardless of which side is arguing, they will mostly both agree with the following:

1) Nicotine addiction

Nicotine is an addiction; it increases the levels of dopamine, a legal boost similar to many other illegal drugs. The tobacco companies want you addicted, but do you really want them to own you? When you take a pull on a cigarette, you get a hit of nicotine that gives you a rapid physiological jolt of pleasure that last about 10 seconds. To keep that pleasure going, you need to take another pull and on and on. With a vape pen, you can control how much nicotine you take in and wean yourself off it and bypass most of the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms.

2) Increased health

Burning tobacco produces carbon monoxide (think car exhaust) and tar, as well as thousands of other chemicals, including many that cause cancer. Vape juice has basically 4 ingredients and no tar or carbon monoxide when vaped. Most of the people that argue that vaping can be more dangerous also say there are not enough studies and that more research has to be done. It is an established fact though, that smoking cigarettes is one of the worst preventable things for your health that exist today. The conclusion is obvious.

3) Save money

Though it seems to be expensive buying a vape pen for $100, let’s just do a fast comparison. A pack of cigarettes in the USA averages about $6.90 across all states (over $12 in NY). A pack a day smoker will spend over $2,500 in a year. A vape pen will cost about 100$ with a vape juice equivalent of a pack a day at $40 a month. The yearly cost of vaping is then about $580 and that is a substantial savings of nearly $2000 per year. Imagine what you can do with an extra $2000. Even if you smoke less than a pack a day, it is still a substantial savings. If you want to take it even further, you can make your own vape juice at a 10th of the cost, but that is for another article.

4) Freedom of choice

You can choose from thousands of different flavors. You can change how much nicotine or the mix of any of the ingredients. You can start with tobacco flavors to match your present cigarettes, and then as you progress, you can change flavors to something that you personally enjoy. You can adjust and control everything you put in your body.

5) A vape pan is not an e-cigarette.

There is a difference between a vape pen and an e-cigarette, though it seems that you will not hear that distinction much in the reports. An e-cigarette looks like a normal cigarette and is sold mostly in gas stations. These are sold by the tobacco companies and you don’t really have any control over the ingredients. A vape pen is larger and more flexible and leaves you with much more control over what you put inside yourself.

There are many controversies, many arguments, many papers showing the good and bad, but most all will say there is not enough information. So use your common sense and make your decisions logically. The tobacco companies have always had your best interest in mind, haven’t they? Do your own research, and always look at who is backing the research. We believe that vaping is still the best way to remove yourself from the dangers of smoking tobacco, so take your health back and live longer. Your future you will thank you.