The 5 Top Reasons for Using Excel in Your Business

The majority of companies around the world already have Microsoft Excel installed on their computers. Yet, many of them don’t use this flexible, useful software to its full potential, if at all. So, what can you do with it?

If you want to make it easier for your business to succeed then Excel has some excellent ways of helping you out. Why not try the following approaches to see how much benefit you get from them? 

Keep Track of the Numbers

One of the most common ways of using Excel is to just keep track of numbers. This can make it a lot easier to list sales or products and then add up the totals without any mistakes. All you have to do it set up some headings and then fill in the data as it is gathered.

This is certainly a good start to using Excel but there is a lot more to do with this program that you should be looking into as well. If you currently lack the Excel expertise in your team to do this then sending one or more members of staff on Excel training London can help you to make the most of the software in other ways too.

Plan Your Working Patterns and Schedules

This is also a great tool for allowing you to plan ahead professionally. For example, you could use Excel to plan the working patterns and schedules for your team very easily.

You can add in sick leave, holidays and other relevant information to make this a complete approach to your staff management issues that is very simple to run. Just choose the right template for your needs and then you are ready to go.

See At a Glance How You Are Doing

Excel is also excellent at giving you a snapshot of how your business is doing. You can see at a glance whether you are ahead of your monthly sales targets, how much stock you have left, and anything else that you need to know. 

You should put some thought into the information that you want to see on your screen most frequently. It is then a matter of working out what functions toy need to use in order to calculate this information. 

Automate Processes

Wouldn’t life be a lot better if you could automate some of the processes that currently take up too much of your time? This could free up a lot of the working week and it would cut out the risk of human error when working out complex calculations too.

You can use Excel to very easily automate a number of processes that might be taking up far too much of your time just now. This is a fantastic way of getting slicker and more dependable processes that you can rely on to give you the right information each and every time.

Create Charts

Not everyone knows that you can also use Microsoft Excel to create visually attractive charts without any fuss. This is a simple and effective way of presenting complex information in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

To do this, you need to start off by getting all of the relevant information gathered together on the spreadsheet. You then have to choose the charting option that you prefer and watch as the results are quickly turned into a pretty chart for you.

Using Excel for a variety of reasons like these can help you to run your company more effectively and smartly. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can only be used for basic functions such as listing figures.