6 Highly Reliable Internet Options for Rural Areas

The internet, which is a basic utility in urban areas, is often a source of frustration in rural areas. Due to the lack of widespread infrastructure and vast distances, people living in remote areas have to make do with what little speeds that they are offered.

However, we are here to tell you that there are still some internet service providers that care about rural residents of the United States. We are here to tell you about some of the fastest rural internet providers available in the country today.

You might not be able to enjoy download speeds as high as 1 Gbps, but the speeds you get are more than enough to provide you with non-stop entertainment and connectivity. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


First on our list is Frontier internet. This service provider is already proving to be a phenomenal internet service provider in urban areas and it did not stop there. It made sure to expand its services with rural internet as an integral part of its portfolio.

What makes this internet service so special is that it does not bind you to a limited monthly data plan. Even if you indulge in back-to-back movie marathons and engage in intense digital combats all day, there will still be ample data left for other household members to enjoy. In terms of speed, this internet service allows you to enjoy download speeds as high as up to 115 Mbps. If you are fortunate enough, it might be available in your region.


Another DSL internet service that is counted among the fastest rural internet services is CenturyLink internet. The service proudly offers download speeds as high as 100 Mbps with a monthly data allowance of up to 1 TB.

Also, you can take comfort in its Price for Life guarantee. It means that you will never need to worry about your monthly fee increasing ever again. The price that you subscribe to on day one, will be the price you will be pay throughout the rest of your journey with the service.


One cannot ever have enough options to choose from when it comes to high-speed internet. Thus, we added Windstream internet to our selection of fast rural internet service providers. Kinetic by Windstream does not only have a maximum threshold of 100 Mbps download speed, but even the slowest internet speed that this provider offers is up to 50 Mbps— something that not many providers are capable of.

Moreover, this is another remarkable internet option for rural residents if they are in search of unlimited monthly data. It does not matter whether you are into occasional web surfing and video streaming or hardcore online gaming, you will never run out of data.


AT&T may not be as cheap as other rural internet providers like Frontier and Windstream, but it is a solid contender in the race for the fastest rural internet service providers. The internet service may restrict you to a maximum download speed of up to 75 Mbps, but it compensates it with excellent customer care, a reliable network, and a plethora of features.

Even if you look at its additional perks alone, you will be thrilled to find out amazing features like AT&T Smart Wi-Fi, AT&T Smart Home Manager, a nationwide network of dedicated AT&T hotspots, and a whole lot more.

Rise Broadband

DSL internet services may be all well and good, but a fixed wireless internet connection was bound to make it into this list. Rise Broadband is an amazing internet service that also happens to cater to a vast population of rural residents in the country.

It may not be as fast as some of the other rural internet options mentioned in the list but brings everything in its plans that you may be looking for in a fast and reliable internet service. The service even lets you enjoy flexible contracts. On top of it, you get the freedom to choose between annual or month-to-month payment criteria.


When talking about rural internet, one cannot ignore the importance of satellite internet. Fortunately, HughesNet is a phenomenal satellite internet service provider that you can rely on in remote areas.

For those who don’t know, satellite internet gives you complete freedom to access the internet on-the-go as you are directly connected to a satellite orbiting in space. This means there is no need to set up extensive infrastructure set up in the region. You may be restricted to download speeds as high as 25 Mbps, but it makes for an excellent fallback option.

All in All

While some of the internet options mentioned may be slower than the others, all of the services mentioned above are more than capable of handling intense digital activities. If you feel you want to explore more benefits offered by these exceptional internet service providers, make sure to log on to BuyTVInternetPhone for a detailed service description of plans and pricing.

Written by Ester K. is a content writer at Deepak Shukla and a sales and Public Relations (PR nerd), obsessed with research, sleeping in as much as possible, and listening to podcasts. When I am not at home with my fam I enjoy long walks through the beautiful city of Jerusalem.