6 Light-Hearted Fun First Date Ideas – Redefine Romance

Dating is tough!

And, like the experts on the subject will tell you, women gauge how they like a man as a potential long-term partner after the way the first date progresses.

For this reason, you’ll want to choose a setting and activity that projects you in the best light possible. Here are a bunch of fun first date ideas that are designed according to the most attractive traits in a man that women focus on as described by this feature on AskMen. Try them and you can be sure that when you suggest meeting up for a second time, there’s no way she’ll blow you off.

1. Project Your Fun-Loving, Confident Nature

A woman loves a man who enjoys goofy fun, but is so confident of himself that he doesn’t care if he looks silly in public. If you’re looking for fun first date ideas where you can also show off your intelligence and problem-solving skills, take her to the best adventure escape games in your city. A new activity that is fast catching interest all over the world, the theme of the game is simple. You will be locked in a room with 6 to 8 people. And, the idea is to get out as fast as you can by finding the key.

Each adventure game has a theme so you can do a bit of research into your girl’s favorite movie franchise or book, or any other theme that could interest her. For instance, if she loves Harry Potter, take her to a game where you have solve a bunch of puzzles and get out of the room in time to inform Professor Dumbledore about Professor Snape’s latest conspiracy that could destroy Hogwarts. And, you have just 60 minutes to prevent total disaster.

2. Project Your Sense of Humor

Women love to spend time with a man who has a sense of humor and can make them laugh. Life is full of challenges and when a woman looks for a partner, she wants a man who can keep his cool and resolve those challenges. And, the one thing that can keep you going is the ability to laugh in the face of trouble. Choose a great comedy club that has stand-up comedians who have earned rave reviews. Take your girl for an evening of pure laughter and total enjoyment. Later, you can always stop by at the nearest restaurant for a casual dinner to round off a memorable evening.

3. Project Your Love for Tradition

Follow tradition when it comes to choosing fun first date ideas. And, like this feature on Ranker reveals, the oldest traditional date is a movie and dinner. While convention might dictate that you take her to a regular movie hall or drive-in, let technology add a twist. Invite her to your home, rent a DVD and plan for a screening of one of her favorite all-time movies. Add popcorn, sodas, and maybe, a takeout dinner that you can eat in candlelight. Have long conversations in an informal setting so she can get to know you in your comfort zone. The date could offer her a peek into what a future with you can be like.

4. Project Your Gentle Side

Although not one of the fun first date ideas, you can try this one two or three dates down the line. Women like to see how a man is around kids and if he is prospective father material. Invite her one evening to spend time in the dog park. Bring coffee and a snack and have a small picnic. Toss a ball around with a few of the canines visiting the park and project how you can be around kids and pets. You could also invite a young niece or a nephew along to give her an informal introduction to your family. It indicates your readiness to make her a part of your inner circle of loved ones.

5. Project the Child in You

Nothing is more endearing to a woman than a man who isn’t afraid to be a child again. As an extension of the dog park and young relative fun first date ideas, consider planning a trip to a theme park. Ride the scariest of rides clinging to each other, screaming as loud as you can, and indulge in all the ice cream and popcorn. Make funny faces in the Hall of Mirrors and enjoy getting frightened out of your wits in the Haunted House. You may consider this a crazy idea, but how about an aquarium, zoo, or Legoland? You’ll be surprised at the number of adults that actually have secret dreams about visiting their childhood haunts.

6. Project the Gentleman in You

Take a look at this article on Glamour that tells you that 33% of women against close to 50% of men end up in the bedroom on a first date. If you’re serious about building a long-term relationship with this special lady, let her take the initiative. Give her time but lots of opportunities to make the first move. For instance, an absolutely fun first date idea is a home-cooked meal and board games. The food does not have to be elaborate, but the setting does. Use scented candles, china, wine glasses, soft music, and dim lighting. Let her give you the cues for some serious action or catch her off-guard by suggesting board games or even, chess.

Try these fun first date ideas to show your lady love that you’re more interested in getting to know her and spending time with her. If she’s also looking for that someone special to build a lasting relationship, these ideas are sure-fire strategies to prove that you’re definitely the one. So, when you call or text her for a second date, you’ll most definitely get an affirmative response.