Alternatives to Pictures When You Want to Liven Up a Blank Wall Space

A big expanse of wall, even in an interesting colour, can be something that really feels like it needs some form of decoration to attract the eye. The most obvious solution is to find a framed picture you like, whether it’s a photograph, a movie poster or a painting, and go with that, however sometimes this just doesn’t have the effect you want, or you may feel like none of the pieces you’ve seen are quite grabbing you for where you want to put them.

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Happily, there are lots of other ways to add interest to a blank wall, so why not try something a little different to a picture?

Wall Decals

Decals can be a good alternative to conventional images, as they can create cool effects and decorate the wall on a more free-form way. Depending on what you choose, a good decal can look like it was painted on to the wall, or can even create some ‘trick of the eye’ effects that make your room look different. Whether you want something small and subtle or big and dramatic, companies like offer some impressive vinyl wall art stickers that are easy to apply and can transform your plain wall in an instant – also without the hassle or damage caused by hanging pictures.

Interesting Shelves

Another way you can make a wall look less bare without selecting a framed picture is to instead, put up an interesting shelf and put some attractive objects on it. There has been a trend in interior design of late to use box style shelves in bold colours with a single piece in them, and this can look really attractive. What style of shelf you choose, from a rustic, aged wood style to a mid-century retro square shelf with a bright coloured interior, depends on your taste and the décor style of your room, but however you do it, it can certainly create a nice accent on your wall. What you place on the shelf is also down to your unique style – it can be anything from an elegant vase to an interesting wooden sculpture, or even a figurine from your favourite TV show or comic!

Stencilling or Wall Calligraphy

A third way people choose to decorate walls is by painting directly on to them. Some choose to use stencils for this and create words or images, while others who are confident in their cursive actually do calligraphy directly onto the wall. Whether you chose an image or to use words is up to you, but a favourite book quote or poem can look fantastic as well as providing inspiration whenever you look at it, and minimalist designs featuring a single word that has a relevance to the room can also make for a cool effect (for instance ‘EAT!’ in the dining room or ‘Goodnight’ in the bedroom).

Art Work

Many people are of the belief that art work has to be expensive, but this isn’t the case at all. You don’t need to buy a piece created by a famous designer, and let’s be honest, most art that falls into this category doesn’t fit in with most people’s home interiors anyway. Instead, have a look in the local art galleries in your town, or browse art galleries online. Have a think about the type of home you have – whether it is rustic or modern, for example, and choose a piece that fits in with your current design.

One word of warning when picking art work is that you’ll want to measure the walls of your room before you choose some art. A piece of art work that is too large for your wall will only serve to make the rest of your room look tiny. Likewise, art that is too small will look weird and won’t do anything for the blank space. It will only take a few minutes to measure your wall, and this is well worth doing.

There are lots of ways you can decorate dull, vacant walls in your home if you can’t find the right picture, so why not try one of these suggestions? All are sure to add that little extra something that your room needs.