3 Amazing Innovations In The World Of Technology In 2016

What Amazing Innovations In The World Of Technology In 2016 will impress you the most?

All the talk about virtual reality in 2016, unfortunately, wasn’t realised but the augmented reality gave us a taste of real action. Our annual list of amazing technology innovations in the world is topped by augmented reality in 2016 – if you haven’t seen Pokémon Go or the interesting filters that Snapchat offers, go check them out now.

This brings us to the list of amazing technology innovations in the world in 2016

…and we will begin with Pokémon Go.

1. Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go fever took everyone over all of a sudden like a thief in the night. Mobile gaming is truly on the rise. Last summer, you must have seen or been part of the millions of people that ditched their schools, jobs, and other errands in order to get on the streets and find the pokémon to capture using this smartphone application. The realness of the game makes it easy to understand why it had over 500 million downloads. The game itself is real and it superimposes a simulated character into locations in real life through the cameras of our smartphones. Such locations include carnivals, theme parks, boardwalks, and so on. Who would have known that the fun was not going to last so long? Presently, this application does not even make it to the top 50 on the chart of Apple, and is somewhere on the 40th place on the chart of Google Play. However, the fact still remains, innovative technology is not stopping even in 2017. The free slot games with bonus are one of the various ways of reminding us of this.

2. Scanning innovation

Have you tried the Google Photos? It is an innovation that Google introduced last year that helps to organize your constantly growing collection of pictures using facial recognition. As if that wasn’t enough, they also introduced the Scan Photo. This makes an ideal alternative for those who love taking pictures of old pictures using their phone cameras. Well, even if you claim to be a pro in making decent pictures of pictures, how do you handle the glare and the lack of orientation? That’s where this app comes in; it snaps four photos of each image and eliminates the glare, crops the pictures, and adds them right to Google Photos where you can view them.

3. Sounds electric, but it’s acoustic

The sound of electric guitar is impressive but nothing can replace the feel that a guitar lover gets when they grab and play without the need to plug the guitar in. Well, we all can thank Yamaha for this one – now the acoustic guitar can sound electrified thanks to using the new technology. There is an installable actuator in the inner surface of the Trans Acoustic guitar. It resonates the vibration of the strings and you can turn it on to get Chorus and Reverb sounds. What other way would one want to enjoy the traditional guitar with the addition of presence to the music?

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