Can your horoscope determine your luck?

Astrology and horoscopes are based on the belief that the stars and planets can align and have an impact on people’s lives. Horoscopes can provide astute insights into a person’s character and can even determine the best time to complete certain actions, such as playing the lottery.

Lucky numbers

Lucky numbers for each star sign are chosen via a random number generator from a defined set of numbers. Five numbers come from one pre-allocated set while a sixth and final number is chosen from a separate set of numbers. Whether you are playing Mega Millions, Powerball or Super Lotto Plus, the process is usually very similar. Many people use their horoscope numbers when playing the lottery to maximize their chances of being lucky and winning a huge amount of money, believing the ethereal world holds the key to lottery success. The process is also more fun and engaging for the general public.

Luck cycles

Luck cycles are a popular part of the lottery for astrology enthusiasts as they believe playing during the peak of their particular luck cycle can increase their chances of winning. Based on astrology, you will go through periods of high and low luck depending on your zodiac sign. Determining your particular element is the first step in the luck cycle, as you will be one of four elements, fire, earth, air and water. If you are an earth sign, your luck will peak during the cycle when the sun is at any earth sign. Playing at those times throughout the year can increase the probability of a big payout.


Aries are typically adventurous, so they are well positioned to make the most of lucky situations through their positive actions. You always need to be in it to win it so people under this sign give themselves the best chance of benefiting through luck. The luck cycle also plays a role in this. When the sun is closely aligned with any of the fire signs, such as Sagittarius or Leo, Aries people are at the peak of their luck cycle. The next luck level down corresponds with air signs (Aquarius, Libra or Gemini, and then earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus).


Taurus individuals are naturally cautious, but their desire to seek romance and security can enable them to take advantage of lucky opportunities. Taurus is an earth sign, so the peak luck cycle occurs when the sun aligns with earth signs, such as Virgo and Capricorn. Under this star sign, people are almost as luck when sun meets water, which are signs with a water element. These include Scorpio and Pisces.


Gemini (Air) traditionally find it difficult to make decisions so they can really benefit from luck. Gemini compatible sun signs include Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Leo. The process of determining the correct luck cycle is the same as the one outlined for both Aries and Taurus. The high point of the cycle will be when the sun is aligned with air. You will also be quite lucky when the sun is closely related to fire and then somewhat lucky when it is water.

Cancer and Leo

Cancer (Water) is also cautious by nature but they are known to act on their emotions so playing the lottery during the peak cycle can play into their more spontaneous and imaginative side. Leo (Fire) are more open-minded and dream big, so like Aries they like to put themselves forward on a regular basis, which gives them a great chance of gaining luck and winning more often.

Virgo and Libra

Virgo (Earth) are prone to overthinking but the lottery is an excellent outlet from them as can pick preset lucky numbers without putting too much thought into the process. Libra (Air) are deep thinkers, but more in terms of gaining knowledge and expertise before making decisions. This is why lucky lottery numbers are perfect as they offer a guide.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpios (Water) are passionate and love to live life to the full. They are clear about their intentions and always play to win. Sagittarius (Fire) are similar but are more playful in their expressions and will happily opt for a lucky number pick to improve their chances in a lottery. Their lucky lottery day is Thursday.

Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorn (Earth) bring a willingness to win and desire to come out on top so they are well placed to take advantage of any luck that comes their way, especially on Saturdays. Aquarius (Air) are more unpredictable but are happy to place their faith in the stars to earn luck and win. Finally, Pisces (Water) generous and helping nature creates good karma that can increase their luck. They are also keen to help friends and family, which is a great incentive for a lucky number lottery win.