How to check Someone’s Background

There are many ways to check a person background information and we will explain the easiest ways to accomplish this directly online using someone first and last name. These tips and tricks will allow you to quickly find public data on a new love interest, friend, or even on yourself with little to no effort by the user.

Being able to perform a background check on someone is an important first step on many levels, especially on someone’s criminal past. We will simplify the task of finding these types of records by outlining the best methods of search below.

Free search options to start

Google is known by just about everyone regardless if you search online or not. With that said, you should also start your search here when trying to find out about someone’s background. Its free, and fast, and you could turn up some good information on someone in the beginning stages of your search.

Bing is another search engine that can provide low hanging fruit on someone’s background. Run your name in the Bing search bar and see what comes up for the search subject you’re searching on.

Image searches on both Google and Bing

Another method of finding information on someone is to use the image search on both Google and Bing Simply input the name and then hit “image” to show all the images that are related to that name. If you see or notice your search subject, click on the image to see what website the image is coming from.

Keep in mind that you probably will not find a lot of data on your search subject in terms of criminal records, assets, or up-to-date contact information when searching from basic search engines. That is okay, this step is free and takes just a few minutes to complete and you never know you could get lucky and find information that quickly leads you to more valuable data.

Paid deep web searching

When looking for information you may need to search deeper then just a google search. There are may public record search services available to the public. You should look for a service that allows for unlimited searching along with a trial period for small up-front fee. If you like the service, you can keep it for a longer period to find more data

These services pull from billions of public record data points from thousands of sources, so you can typically find more in depth criminal information then you would from a traditional Google search.

What type of records can you find from a deep web search?

Unlike a typical google search you could find, when available, current contact information, warrant records, arrest records, DUI records, contact information, social media profiles, and much more all from a secure, anonymous and private portal.

If the service is unlimited, users can search as many times as they like on as many search subjects as they like.

Public record searches from the Clerk of Courts

If you know where your search subject resides you could try and search the court of clerk’s office. You should first look online to find the clerks office main website. Once found, you should search to see if they provide an online search portal that will allow for direct searching by name. Keep in mind that there may be a fee for these records if found.

In closing

No matter what option you go with you should always start off your search in google. This could help in narrowing down your search by finding social profiles that could lead to other important information on that person.

When wanting to find more in-depth public record data like criminal records, arrest warrants, social profiles, and more you will need to move to a deep web search using a search service. Either way, finding public records on someone has become much easier then ever before.