Cracking the 6 Myths that Every New Language Learner Has

The world is becoming smaller and smaller and one of the most common things that will help you to stay connected is having the knowledge of different languages from around the world. Technology plays a very important role in all our lives these days. Thus having a grasp on language will not only take you a long way in regards to competition but it will also ensure that you know your way around the internet. You might feel that learning a new language is not your cup of tea. But in actuality, it is the internet again that will come to your rescue when it comes to learning a language.

One of the main reasons behind putting up this boundary is that there are many myths revolving around learning a new language. But if you plan on conversing with a lot of people around the globe, you need to make sure that you know the language they are conversing in. While browsing through the web you will notice that people often stick to a language that they are comfortable in.

There are a certain myths that revolve around learning a new language. We have tried to bust some of them by highlighting the issue and then giving you an idea of the actual scenario. But if you do feel that you are unable to write a good essay you can of course with our paper writing service. Here are 6 myths about learning a new language that are provably untrue.

‘I am too old to learn a new language’

A child’s brain is more perceptive to change and it is easier for them to pick up things. But many people are of the opinion that once you are a full grown adult, you will be unable to learn any other language. This is sadly a very false myth!

Being an adult does not make you a lost cause. A human brain is technically like a muscle, the more it is used, the better it will get. So you can learn any language you want, at any age you are at. At an elderly age you might need to put in more effort to learning something new. But with the correct guidance and practice, you will be able to learn the language you want. You do not need to worry about losing out on a language just because your younger self did not consider it important.

‘Everyone speaks English well, now a days!’

People around the globe believe that all other parts of the world can speak in English. Popular social media has given rise to this culture of conversing in English. They believe that either the people from different corners of the globe are either very comfortable with English or they can only converse in English. But want to know the actual truth?

Only around a quarter of the world can actually converse freely in English. Popular culture makes us believe that we can go up to any person; from anywhere in the planet and they will be able to hold a proper conversation in English.



‘I have Translation technology, why must I learn a new language!”

Translation tools are a very handy thing these days. If you require to look up a translation of something, you can just go ahead and translate it with the help of an app or a tool. But is knowing the language equivalent to using a translation tool?

This is another major myth. The translation tools are definitely a very useful thing but it can never be compared to knowing a language. If you need to just speak a line or two with a person, then simply translating it will work. But if you are to hold a proper conversation, you definitely need to know the language in order to achieve best results. Knowing the language will also help you to write college papers and not depend on your wifi at all.

‘Learning a new language has got nothing to do with getting a job”

English and Chinese are the most learnt languages as they help people to get a job. People feel that if they are comfortable in these two languages, you will be able to impress your employer. But there are so many different languages all across the globe. Won’t these languages help you too?

They will definitely help you to secure a job. If you are able to present a CV which shows many different languages, you will be able to impress your prospective employer. The best thing about knowing a language is that you can apply to different countries around the globe, making the job search easier. You will be considered as a serious asset to the company if you are able to converse in a language that others might not be comfortable with.

‘I have to be gifted at learning languages, you can’t do it’

This is again a big myth. If you are a gifted learner, then it is great for you. But in case you aren’t, you do not need to worry at all. You might face some challenges but at the end of the day, with the help of the correct techniques, you will not face any problem in learning what you set out to learn.

So if you were thinking of putting off learning a language just because you though that everyone can talk to you in English, then think again. If you are unable to write in the language, you can take the help of professionals.

‘Learning a language is a time consuming process’

We all are very busy these days and taking up something new might seem like a very time consuming thing. People assume that learning a language will take up a lot of time and you will face a lot of difficulty if you are not able to give it enough time. In actuality, learning a new language is one of the best ways to fill a ‘dead spot’ in your day.

Learning different languages can get you a long way. If you are in a career that involves a lot of communication, then it is very important than you are able to converse in many different languages. So go ahead and prove these myths wrong!