Earnity’s Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt and Crypto Buying Tips

Earnity is a social-first crypto platform and marketplace led by fintech veterans Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt. The San Mateo, California-based startup offers access to the world of crypto and decentralized finance via the super simple and very intuitive Earnity platform.

For the uninitiated, buying crypto is like putting money in any significant purchase. It comes with all the inherent risks, which can lead to massive losses for those who go into it without the proper tools and know-how. However, if you have all your bases covered, buyung crypto can yield spectacular rewards.

Here are many things you need to do before buying crypto.

  1. Do your research. Before buying any crypto (or anything else), be sure to read from various reputable sources to learn as much as you can about it. Also, watch videos and talk to seasoned buyers and experts to better understand how it works and the risks involved.
  2. Create a budget and stick to it. Cryptocurrency is volatile, so buying what you can afford to lose is crucial.
  3. Use a secure wallet. When you purchase cryptocurrency, be sure to store it in a safe and secure wallet. There are many different wallets available, so do your research to find the best one for you.
  4. Don’t fall for scams. Unfortunately, there are many scams in the cryptocurrency world. Be careful of any offers or purchases that seem too good to be true, and always do your research before buying.
  5. Stay informed and keep up with current news and events in the cryptocurrency world so you can make informed decisions about your purchases.

Have patience. Earnity’s Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt want people to take time to understand their crypto purchases, so it’s important to be patient and wait for the right opportunities. Don’t rush into purchases you’re not comfortable with.