Why Feng Shui Works So Well In The Home

Feng Shui has been around for a long time. It is an ancient practice going back over 3,000 years from China. It teaches how to balance energy in any space you surround yourself with. Whether it is your work space, home or garden, principles of Feng Shui can be applied in order to attract good fortune and a free flow of energy within your space.

“Feng” actually means wind and “shui” is water. The Chinese believe that wind and water relate to good health and that’s why the term was adapted – for good fortune. The Chinese have a special relation to nature and believe the land is alive and filled up with “Chi” which means energy. If you want to know how to use nature to take the very best care of your health look at this Research Verified review.

Ways To Bring Feng Shui To Your Home

1.   Open The Front Door

By opening the front door (provided you live in a very safe neighborhood), you allow positive energy to find its way in and flow through your home. If the front door is closed, energy stops and is blocked. By opening the front door opportunity literally comes knocking.

Steps To Take: Place a single red flowering plant outside your home or put something red on or around your front door. The Chinese believe that red symbolizes luck, joy, and happiness and by having it at your front door, you will attract energy, fortune as well as luck.

2.   Clear The Clutter

A mess in the house is never nice no matter what culture you come from. In Feng Shui, a cluttered home equals a cluttered mind as well as a cluttered body. Clutter actually absorbs the energy in a space. It’s really important to clean the house and clean up the clutter. The best way to do this is little by little wherever and whenever you have time. You and your family will feel better for it.

Steps To Take: Find the time to clean up any sort of mess you have in the home and throw away things you are hoarding or give them to charity.

3.   Keep It Balanced

These are five elements that the Chinese believe in and the colors they represent:

  • Fire = Red, Pink, Orange, Strong Yellow, Purple
  • Earth = Light Brown, Light Yellow & Tan, Sandy/Earthy
  • Metal = White & Grey
  • Water = Blue & Black
  • Wood = Green & Brown

In Feng Shui all 5 elements should be represented in every room of your home. The goal for this is to stay centered, grounded and most importantly balanced in both your life and your environment.

Steps To Take: Keep an oil burner, for example, in your room and have a wooden bowl next to it filled with beautiful shells. Next to that can be a vase with water and some fresh, beautiful flowers. You can also incorporate colors that symbolize the 5 elements. Just a note: Always keep the flowers fresh. Dead flowers are not good energy.

4. Bring Nature Inside

Bringing the outdoors in is very important to bring a sense of well-being and pleasure. Natural light is important as well as open doors and open windows to allow fresh air to filter in. Also bring plants indoors.

Steps To Take: You can decorate with stones and rocks, bamboo, wicker, wood and anything else that’s natural and takes your fancy. Walls can also be decorated with artwork depicting nature.

Final Thought

Your home should be your place of peace in the world, somewhere you can just walk into and feel calm and relaxed, a place that the family enjoys being in. Take the time to declutter your home and apply Feng Shui principles to attract good energy and bring well-being as well as good fortune to your home and life!