How to Find You Next Job in Law

Whether you are fresh out of law school with a future of justice and personal success on your mind or a industry expert who is looking for their next legal challenge, you need to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to find that perfect opportunity.


As with many industries, the legal world is fiercely competitive and you need be sure that you are not only prepared to search high and low in order to find the right job for you, but also that you have the skills, the criteria and the confidence to sell yourself enough to go get that job. If you are in the middle of looking for your next legal challenge then here are some ways in which you can best get it.

Getting The Right Agency

Whilst many law firms will search for candidates in wide variety of ways, most will use an agency that specialises in legal recruitment. It is important that you not only familiarise yourself with the agencies who specialise in this field but also that you continue to check all channels that there are where law firms and practices will list jobs.

Cold Calling/Contacting

Many law firms will try to hire from within and as such you may not see jobs going up on a board,  in the newspaper or on the internet. Sometimes you need to take affirmative action and if you feel like you have a great deal to offer a firm then why not try to cold call or email them. When you think about it, the worst thing that could happen to you is that you get ignored or someone says no. There may be a chance however that someone sees what you have done and is impressed by your confidence and ingenuity, there is no guarantee of course but it is certainly worth a try.

Consider Upgrading Your Skills

Whilst you are searching for your next legal position why not use the time to work on your skills and attributes. There are lots of night schools you can find and online courses which will not only boost a wide range of your skills but also give you a little more ammunition to put on your resume. Try to think truthfully about the things that you are not good at, ask friends and family for honest assessments and then work on what they have said. From a professional standpoint, you may wish to take an IT course to improve your computing skills for example, anything which helps boost your chances of job success.

During your search for another job position you are going to need to be patient, there isn’t always a job just around the corner. You will also need to be persistent and ensure that you are searching for jobs day and night until you have found the right one. Finally, it is important that you are prepared at all times, ensure that you have an up to date resume, that you have practiced interview technique and that you could apply for a position given just a moment of notice.