Four Modern Travel Tips for Your Business and Well-Being

Imagine actually getting paid to travel.

Living the dream, right?

Whether you’re a remote worker, solopreneur or have been summoned by your boss to travel for the first time, going abroad for business can be an absolute blast.

At the same time, it can also be incredibly stressful if you’re not careful. Traveling for work isn’t all fun and games, after all: your experience can go from bad to worse if you aren’t prepared. For example, what you keep in your carry-on could make or break your productivity on-the-go.

Focus on getting down to business and enjoying a stress-free journey by taking the following tips with you on your next business trip.

Bought a travel wallet :(

Diversify Your Ways to Pay

Perhaps the most important aspect of any trip is making sure you have cash on hand. Regardless of where you’re headed, consider the following as it pertains to your wallet:

  • Keep mobile payment options in mind as they offer ease of access while on-the-go: likewise, many you can also get cash back on your mobile wallet, allowing you to spend and save simultaneously
  • It’s never a bad idea to keep cash (think: physical bills) in your pocket in case of an emergency or if you don’t have to access to your mobile devices or bank account
  • If you’re going abroad, make sure you understand exchange rates very carefully

Don’t allow yourself to get stranded without money: by diversifying your payment options, you can give yourself major peace of mind on-the-go.

Stay Connected

The expectation of the modern entrepreneur is to always be connected, especially if you’re in a situation where you need to consistently report back to your boss. Some typical tools of the trade include:

  • Portable mobile chargers for both your laptop and smart phone to avoid any potential outages
  • A smart phone with a solid data plan that avoids dropped calls and excessive roaming fees
  • Tethering capitulates on your smart phone so that you can get online regardless of where you are in the world

Taking the comfort of connectivity along your journey will ensure your productivity and keep your bottom line from slipping.

Don’t Lose Touch

Staying connected is about more than simply being online: a simple phone call or email may not suffice if you’re trying to manage relationships with clients and colleagues. On the flip side, VOIP solutions such as Skype offer a simple ways to get in touch with just about anyone on-the-go. In addition, take advantage of Google’s suite of solutions such as Google Docs to show your team what you’re working on or keep them updated on your progress.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to simply take care of yourself both mentally and physically. After all, travel can be incredibly draining and a positive well-being is essential for a successful business trip. So, how can you de-stress?

  • Bring a book or notepad with you to give a break from busy screens
  • Take some time to get some physical activity in: if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can simply walk around the property or invest in some resistance bands you can bring in your carry-on
  • Don’t forget to mind your diet: although it may be tempting to pig out on the company dime, a poor diet can be a drag on your mental productivity

Business travel represents an adventure, granted you’re properly prepared. Make sure your next journey is an absolute success by having the right tools and mentality going into your trip.