Great Ways for Families to Get Into Fitness as a Group

Maintaining an active lifestyle while raising children can be difficult. Finding time to make it to the gym is a source of concern for most busy households. Do not be discouraged! Just like families, fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. 

From Grandma and Grandpa to the youngest sibling, here are five fun activities your family can enjoy while staying fit together:

  • Family Hike
    Hiking trails are everywhere! Load up the entire family for a great physical activity, made for all ages. The youngest members of your family will enjoy sticking close to mom or dad while seeing the sights and sounds all around them. Break out the wagon for toddlers to ride in, allowing them easy access to rest when their little legs get tired. A hike doesn’t have to be a steep, uphill battle, that’s difficult for older family members. A simple walk through your neighborhood will do.
  • Family Bike Ride
    Riding a bicycle is enjoyable at any age. A family bike ride is a great way to help the entire family stay active. We recommend that you consult a bike size for height chart to find the perfect size bike for everyone in your family. There are many options for the little ones to ride along, as well. From attachable seats to pulled trailers, everyone can get in on the fitness fun. You can find some great bikes at websites like Don’t forget your helmets and water bottles!
  • Family Obstacle Course
    This fun, fitness game can be played indoors or out. Set up the playing area with agility obstacles. Try your best to encompass directional barriers that encourage family members to go over, under, and around objects. This game can be as challenging as you want or as simple as it can be. Either way, your entire family is active together!
  • Family Game of Kickball
    Played just like a game of baseball, kickball bases are set up in a diamond shape. The ball is rolled and kicked to allow the player to move around the bases. Younger children could have a family member to help them if needed. Carry infants in a sling-type baby carrier or push them in a stroller to add extra resistance. This engaging activity keeps the entire family active.
  • Family Hula Hoop Challenge
    Inexpensive and available at almost any dollar store, hula hoops are fun for the whole family. Older generations will light up while trying to keep the hoop on their hips. Little brothers love trying to “out-do” teenage sisters, making this a unique way to engage the entire family in physical activity. Keep the family unit strong by cheering for each member and offering encouragement when needed.

The idea is to move your body! Allow time for rest and make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water. Everyone young and old will benefit from family fitness. The smiles on everyone’s faces will be just as rewarding as the physical fitness will be. In no time, you will see you and your family’s mental and physical health improve. Get the entire family together and get your bodies moving!