Best candidates are selective while choosing a job offer. It is not always easy to convince and attract candidates to apply for the job offer you just posted. If you need top candidates for your job roles, you need to create a special job advert that would attract them, and make them apply for it as well.

Igniting the interest of the top talent to work for your company needs the right technique. The impression you put initially on a potential professional is through the job advertisement. Therefore, you require few essential pointers to write the best job offer that employees would apply for immediately. Appointing the help of professionals who can write essay for you or ads and structure campaigns is one of the best way to get through this immediate job on hand.

Here are a few points you can consider:

  1. Magnet-like Titles

The job title attracts the interest of a job hunter first. The title should have the ability to pull the candidate just by looking at it. Including Location of the job, skills required, and the sizzle as to why they should work with your association should do the work. Convincing talented candidates is a tricky challenge. For instance, a job title like “Chicago – Sr. Designer- Won international accolades, back to back.”  The title has the power to give out the abstract of the advert in the blink of an eye.

  1. Highlight the Work Culture

Employer brand is a necessary information for job hunters. Branding the organization only conveys how passionate you are about your company. Sharing the details of your company environment and the work culture gives a potential candidate an insight of the organization environment. This ensures that only interested candidates accept the job offer and apply for it

  1. Include a Specific Instruction

Your job offer should attract only those who are eligible for the role offered. In order to weed out the ones who are not interested in the job offer, add a particular instruction in the advertisement, without which the company will not accept their applications.

  1. Do Not Describe the Job

Lengthy and clumsy job ads are a big turn off for the applicants who are screening through number of job offers to select the most suitable one. A descriptive job ad will never attract top talents. A description to specific job roles and references might be mistaken or misunderstood by candidates, concluding that they might be under or over qualified for the job.

  1. Clearly mention the necessary skills

Mention, “Must have skills” and “Nice to have skills” separately and clearly. An experience in a specified area relevant to the job is a “must have”, while an added knowledge to a particular technology or a language is a “nice to have skill”. This will help attract the right candidate suitable for the particular job role. This way you will screen out the applicants.

  1. Choose the right Communication Channel

Whether it is through emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogs, essays & articles or just plain advertisement posters, use the network to connect with the candidates. Mix things up a little. Internet is a great tool to attract professionals from all fields. It is a youth oriented world with a take on the modern technical advancements. While, traditional print ads do make the cut still, job ads on Twitter and LinkedIn are attracting right candidates globally.

  1. Use strong Keywords

In the generation of SEO, while applicants are using narrow and effective keywords on their resume and cover letter to show how passionate they are for the job, the companies are not backing out either. Strong keywords help bring the right job ad for the right user query.

  1. Check the Tone

Right style and appropriate tone is crucial when you are trying to attract top-notch professionals for a job. Try to sound more artistic and less technical if you are hiring a creative employee and vice versa. Job seekers try to look out for any job application offer that sounds like a complete machine like.

  1. Follow back

Not all who applied made to the cut. However, as a company’s good will, make sure you answer to each and every application with a nice courteous message. This gesture shows the positive side of the company as well as keeps the goodwill. If personally answering to all is a problem, draft out a template that you may send as a response on behalf of the recruiter to the applicants who was not selected.

  1. Mention a Timeframe

Mention a timeframe in your advertisement within which you will accept all the applications. Interested candidates can apply within the timeframe mentioned. Time is the essence to hire top candidates, as other companies are hiring as well.

  1. “Draw me a Sheep”

Ask a killer question to understand the level of communication skill as well as how interested the candidates are for the job. The question should be so framed that it will have the capability to extract out the answer that would help you affirm your decision of candidate selection process.

  1. Final Editing and Proofread

To ensure that the job write up is perfect and free from commonly made typing errors and grammatical mistakes that can put off a potential candidate in just a blink of an eye, proofreading is essential. Run your write up through tools available online for the last bit of touch, to make the text more fluid. There are many professional services offering editing and proofreading, which can be helpful before publishing.

Ask any colleague to go through the advert to make sure there are no unintentional mistakes that could be embarrassing or hard to take back. Consider valuable suggestions provided by fellow mates that may enhance the write up.

The points mentioned above are there only to help you write an effective job advert/offer. Putting time and effort is only worth when the target is to hire some top talented candidates for your organization. Write in your own voice. People would want to work in companies they feel they can connect to. Your job offer is the first impression you lay on the people. Make sure it is worth everything you have worked for.

Author’s Bio: Ruchi Gupta has been working as a content writer for as long as seven years now and is recognized for developing SEO friendly content. Her contents are very informative and almost consult the reader, to help them find the answer to their queries.