Gunning for a New Toy: 14 New Guns Coming out in 2019

There are officially more guns than people in the United States. In fact, every man, woman, and child could have one and there would still be about 67 million guns left over.

Obviously, we don’t all own a firearm. There are many gun enthusiasts who own multiple firearms. For them, this is an exciting time of year with new guns coming out in 2019.

We’ve done the work and research for you and created this list of new guns that you could add to your collection.

1. Winchester Repeating Arms

You can expect quality build from Winchester, a company that has kept shooting enthusiasts happy for over 150 years. This new model is the perfect addition for the person who loves field and SASS competitions.

You won’t find any aluminum, brass, or even polymer on this gun. The straight grip stock is a beautiful walnut with a satin oil finish.

While all of the major elements of the gun are forged from blue carbon steel. This includes barrel, lever, and receiver.

There are a few options when it comes to caliber. You can choose from .357 Mag, .44 Rem Mag, .44-40 Win, and 45 Colt.

2. FoldAR .300 BLK Double Pistol

FoldAR produces some of the most compact AR-15s out there. One of the most impressive models in their lineup is going to come out this year, the .300 BLK Double Pistol.

It can collapse down to a length of just 10.75 inches. This is possible thanks to the company’s propriety technology of a folding upper system and brace.

You can actually fire this AR while it is folded. This is because unlike other ARs that come apart, the gas tube is not exposed. Neither is the recoil assembly.

Now all that’s left is to decide between the single and double fold models.

3. Charter Arms .380 ACP 6-shot Pitbull

How about adding a double-action revolver that carries six shots while still retaining a concealable size. This .380 ACP has a dual coil spring assembly that will eject your spent shells so you don’t need a full moon clip.

You’ll also love the rubber hand grip that will feel full in the palm of your hand. Which is a nice touch since many guns in this category lack in this feature.

If you aren’t crazy about the .380 caliber you can also get this gun in a .45 AP and .40 S&W.

4. Mossberg Retrograde Shotgun Series

How about a new shotgun that takes a retro approach? Sure all of the other new guns on this list look sleek and new, but Mossberg brings us old school charm and beauty with dark walnut and “corncob” style ribbing.

We liken them to the riot guns law enforcement used to use. That was the age before hi-impact polymers took over.

Don’t let the retro appearance fool you though. This model is totally modern with 12 gauge pump action.

5. DoubleStar Corp. Zero Carbine

DoubleStar is celebrating their 40 year anniversary with the Zero Carbine. This AR-15 balances durability with weight and accuracy for a truly beautiful piece of weaponry.

You’ll notice its slim profile and Ergo pistol grip for the ultimate in shooting comfort. It also has a ton of ventilation and the M-Lok accessory slots. The shoulder stock will fit nicely and be durable with the SOCOM stock.

6. Bond Arms “Long-Slide” Bullpup 9mm

You can expect to see a lot come from Bond Arms in the coming year. One of the most notable though is the long slide 9mm.

Don’t let the name discourage you though. This gun is still concealable with a top length of 4.2 inches. This isn’t much bigger than the previous model of this particular gun at 3.35 inches.

The company has also listened to customer feedback and reduced the size of the “Bond Bullpup” engraving on the side. On the old version, it was like a billboard on the side of your barrel. On the new model, it is discreet and much more tasteful.

7. Black Aces Tactical Pro Series Semi-Auto 12-ga

You have the option of choosing all synthetic in black or a walnut finish with this semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun. The total length is 26.5 inches, with the barrel taking up 14 inches of that. You can cycle both light and heavy loads.

8. Full Conceal M3D and CAA USA Dual Folding 9mm pistol

You’ve never seen a gun like this before, everything folds up so it is small enough to fit into your pants pocket. Full Conceal and CAA teamed up to produce this dual folding pistol.

The trigger guard, grip, and trigger all fold up. Then it will all unfold in seconds so the gun is ready to fire when needed.

You will have the ability to buy the individual components or the complete package.

9. American Tactical Inc. MilSport .410 Bore AR Shotgun

The MilSport is the next addition to American Tactical’s aluminum and polymer lineup. The barrel is stainless steel. the receivers are forged aluminum.

You have six different positions for maximum comfort with the shoulder stock. Plus the upper receiver and magazines are compatible with the Mil-Spec AR 15s in the lineup.

There is also a caliber conversation kit for those of you who want to adjust the .410 bore.

10. Nemo Arms Monark 9mm Pistol

This pistol has a look of serious attitude. Nemo is known as a rifle company, and this debut into pistols shows they mean business.

The folks over at Nemo Arms pride themselves on producing high-end chassis. Their attention to quality and detail are evident in the Monark with the weight reduced stainless steel slide.

It also comes with a mini red dot sight adapter plate system. There are also many features you can customize to have a unique to you and your style pistol.

Choose either a threaded or plain barrel. Then do you want a tall or low profile sight? Then are you right or left handed for the magazine release?

If all that wasn’t enough, the magazines available for this pistol range from holding 10 rounds all the way up to 32 rounds.

11. Remington V3 TAC-13

If you are looking for something to protect your dream home you’ve worked so hard to make a reality, then you need to check out the Remington V3 TA-13. It measures 26.5 inches in total length with the barrel taking up 13 inches of that.

You can be confident in its firing reliability as it has the VersaPort gas system. This system feeds and ejects 12 gauge ammunition. From hunting buckshot to field loads, this semi-automatic will fire when called upon.

Remington made sure their new model would stand out among the other short barrel shotguns coming out this year. Theirs comes with a barrel clamp, vented rib barrel, and front bead sight.

The entire gun has a tough look with a black oxide finish and raptor grip.

12. Walther Arms American Made PPK

This model is going to be at the top of every list of gifts for gun owners. It is the iconic gun from the James Bond films.

This semi-automatic pistol comes in a blued and stainless steel finish for you to choose from. It will be a .380 caliber.

To make this gun even better, it is manufactured right here in the United States in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

13. Radical Firearms Light Weight RF-10 Rifle

How about a semi-automatic rifle that is versatile enough to perform during a competition, hunting, and protecting you from criminals? Now you may know that the AR-10 is heavy and not good for all day carrying around.

That is where the RF comes in at just 7.5 pounds. They accomplish this by outfitting it with Mission First Tactical’s minimalist kit. They also trimmed down the receivers to be a milled billet.

14. Weatherby, Inc.

Weatherby has rifles that are designed by women, for women. the Camilla Ultra Lightweight, Mark V First Lite, and Vanguard Badlands all provide quality build and reliable performance.

Each of these rifles has features that make them women-friendly. They use lightweight composite for the stock. The stocks are also shorter in length for easier pull.

Everything about the rifle’s form has slight adjustments to better fit the female form. This includes contouring and a better grip angle.

The best part? They don’t insult women enthusiasts by making them pink. You can choose from Burnt Bronze Cerakote, Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, and black.

Which of the New Guns Coming Out in 2019 Are for You?

Whether you are looking for home protection from criminals or to just expand your collection, be sure to check out these new guns coming out in 2019. You have a wide selection from pistols to shotguns, to rifles.

To get started, head to your local gun dealer and hold a few. Whatever gun you end up buying needs to feel comfortable in your hands when firing.

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