Honest Ways To Cheat At Online Slots

Although the first ever slot machines were a marvel of engineering, they were highly susceptible to cheating amongst the slots playing public. The predecessors to online digital slots could be manipulated by using powerful magnets, or by releasing the lever unevenly to try and match winning symbols together – click to play top slots online. It didn’t stop there either, as slots progressed but still remained in their mechanical form, slot cheats tried more extravagant ways of accessing the loot buried within them. This involved inserting foreign objects into the slots that mimicked coins and this fooled the infrared sensors within the machine and allowed free play. A mechanic named Charles Fey invented the first-ever slot machine back in 1895 and even he couldn’t imagine just how much attention from dishonest gamblers his invention would attract.

Changes In Technology

A major technological breakthrough that changed the world of slots came with the first electrical slot machine that was called Money Honey. This was introduced in 1963 and opened the doors to other advancements such as the first ever version of a video slot. This was released in 1976 and used a modified 19-inch Sony TV screen for the display. New symbols such as Stars, Crowns, 777 and Gems were also introduced to the reels. Again, cunning punters could manipulate these slots and it wasn’t until the invention of video slots and more especially online video slots that made cheating impossible.

A New Dawn

In 1996 video slots began to take over from all other slots and it didn’t take long for them to become the dominant force and they remain dominant to this very day. Now spins are generated digitally with a computer microchip that cannot be tampered with. If you are going to cheat slots these days you need access to them or you have to be a computer engineer with access to the inner most workings of these games. This pretty much rules out most people. The only way to cheat an online slot these days is to operate within the law. A good starting point is to take up as many slots bonus offers as possible. If you join a number of casinos, then you can take advantage of all the welcome bonuses and free cash that accompanies them. There are wagering requirements but these are not impossible to meet. If you are a regular customer you may even be invited to become a VIP and this comes with wager free cash bonuses and free spins with no strings attached.

RTP Slot Scores

Some punters are extremely fussy about the slots company they keep and only play slots with high RTP scores, this is also known as the Return To Player percentage and low RTP slots can literally suck your balance dry within minutes. Although high RTP games do not guarantee winning spins, they do give punters a better chance of having a decent percentage of their staking money returned to them over a large number of spins.