How Digital Vehicle Inspection Software Saves Time and Boosts Efficiency

Unlike paper-based inspections, digital inspection forms operate solely within a mobile device software platform. This streamlines the entire inspection process and minimizes the chance of mistakes.

Once completed, technicians can easily share the digital inspection via text or email. This allows customers to review the information on their own time, avoiding lengthy phone calls and helping them make more informed decisions about repairs.

Improved Communication

Digital vehicle inspection software saves time and boosts efficiency for technicians and service advisors. Technicians have a clear view of each job they’re working on and can instantly share inspection reports with customers. This technology also ensures that all jobs are completed as quickly and accurately as possible so that a shop can maintain a competitive edge in a highly-competitive industry.

Techs can also use DVIs to cross-sell and upsell customers, showing them additional repairs or services they can purchase before something fails and causes a big problem. This helps customers to prioritize what needs immediate attention and allows them to take charge of their vehicle repair process.

Another way that DVIs help shops achieve better communication is through the photos and videos they attach to each report. The pictures and videos communicate what’s wrong with the car much more effectively than simply saying, “This is not functioning properly,” or telling the customer to call the shop if they need more information.

Digital vehicle inspections are the most comprehensive and transparent method of communicating what’s wrong with a vehicle. Customers respond more positively to reports that include photos than saying, “It’s not working properly.” When customers receive an inspection report in an email or text, they can quickly glance at pictures and explanations and approve the work immediately. This reduces their vehicle’s time on the lift, and they can return to the road sooner.

Increased Efficiency

Digital vehicle inspection software saves time and boosts efficiency in many ways. It also reduces the number of misplaced documents and helps technicians avoid making mistakes. It also ensures that every customer is given a complete overview of the repairs being done on their vehicles.

When customers receive a digital vehicle inspection report, they can see the details of each part being inspected, which can help them understand what needs to be repaired. It also gives them a sense of trust and transparency, an essential element in creating loyalty from repeat customers.

Another essential factor to consider when choosing digital vehicle inspection software is its ease of use. It should be easy to navigate for both customers and technicians, as this will ensure the process goes smoothly.

For example, the inspection form should be customizable so the technician can easily add a note about what is being inspected and a recommendation if necessary. It should also be mobile-friendly so that the technicians can share the inspection report with their customers through a mobile device.

These features will enable you to save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for paper inspection forms. Plus, this type of software can be scaled to as many devices as needed, allowing you to expand and manage more operations more efficiently.

Boosted Customer Satisfaction

If you’re like most auto repair shops, your customers are a priority. When they’re having work done on their vehicle, you want to give them the best experience possible so they come back and bring their friends.

Digital vehicle inspection software helps you meet these goals by enabling your shop to service more cars in less time, attract more talent, and deliver a more transparent, engaging customer experience. The results are higher average repair orders (AROs), faster approvals, and better overall shop efficiency, all of which increase customer satisfaction and help build trust.

One way that digital vehicle inspection software saves time is by allowing your technicians to quickly and easily create inspection sheets. This way, your staff can ensure a consistent and uniform approach to every job.

Another benefit of digital inspection sheets is that they enable your technicians to communicate their recommendations and reasons more effectively. This is particularly important regarding safety issues your customers might need to know. In addition, digital vehicle inspection software enables your staff to add images of the inspected parts. This gives your customers a more thorough picture of their vehicle and lets them decide which repairs they need. This also reduces the number of omissions you must make during the inspection process.

Increased Revenue

Digital vehicle inspection software saves time and boosts efficiency by removing the need for paperwork. Instead, technicians can detail their inspections in a software platform backed by a mobile app. The software also lets the technician add comments, repair estimates, and attach photos or videos to the inspection, all while providing live updates to customers through a text message or email.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, you need the right technology to keep your team working productively. Whether a single-shop operation or a multi-location enterprise, a comprehensive service inspection solution will set your team up for success with an automated system that follows a tried and true inspection formula to maximize efficiency.

For example, you can build a library of job-specific forms your team can use to complete inspections for every repair order. The conditions can then be linked to the labor times so that you can see the impact of assessments on each job.

Then, the customer can quickly review their vehicle’s inspection report, approve any recommended repairs, or schedule a follow-up appointment with a few taps on their phone or tablet. This helps ensure that customers have the visibility they need to make decisions and increases revenue for your shop.

Customers who see what’s wrong with their vehicle are more likely to accept your recommendations and book the work. This helps you increase average repair orders (AROs).