How to Design Effective Emails

As a marketer, your job is to get your company’s or clients’ brands products and services in front of customers in a way that it resonates and causes actions. Today with so many companies competing for these same customers and so customers being inundated with so much marketing it is a battle that can sometimes feel like it is bringing fewer positive results.

You have to split your time between traditional marketing strategies and channels and digital marketing which demands different approaches and metrics. Although the traditional marketing schemes are pretty set, strategies like social media marketing, SEO and some other online marketing is constantly changing, demanding that close attention is paid to not just today but what might come tomorrow.

The road for marketers to take to get the most out of these new online channels can be difficult to maneuver, which is why it is important to understand the basics and lean on those styles of digital marketing that have not varied much and that you can depend on.

One tried and true method of digital marketing that often gets forgotten but that consistently delivers outstanding results is email marketing. Even though it is the oldest form of digital marketing, it delivers benefits that newer and sexier forms of online marketing struggle to match.

You must however understand how to create the element that are the front line tools in an email marketing campaign. This means mastering how to create emails. Here is a short tutorial to make sure that you have this key component mastered. Review the infographic below from Campaign Monitor to learn how to write the perfect email.