How to Ensure Vaulting Protection for Your Precious Metal Portfolio?

A diversified investment portfolio with precious metal assets adequately protects you as these are not exposed to counterparty risks. When you invest in precious physical metals like silver, platinum, gold, or rhodium, you get direct ownership of these tangible assets. 

Compared to stocks and paper holdings, precious metal bars and coins can be liquidated easily. Balancing your investment portfolio by investing in pure investment-grade bullion is a worthwhile practice. Leading traders like offer the most competitive market pricing.

Storage Solutions

Precious metal investments demand protection from theft, harsh elements, and other costly losses. Bullion bars are often bulky and occupy considerable space. While choosing the best storage solution for your precious metal assets, you need to consider the factors highlighted below:

  • All metals are not created alike; hence, their bulk and physical size differ. Considering gold is a denser metal, an ounce of silver requires more storage space than an equal quantity of gold.
  • In an emergency eventuality or financial crisis, you require easy accessibility to your bullion investment. There is no point in having a safe backup plan when you have no access to it in times of need. 
  • Although home storage may seem reasonable, it does come with its fair share of risks like theft and damage. Weigh the safety of your precious metal along with accessibility when deciding on a storage method.

Third-party storage vaults store different types of precious metals on your behalf and help mitigate risks. These storage facilities offer maximum security, fully insure all your assets therein, and safeguard ownership.

Depository vaults are designed such that large amounts of bullion are securely accommodated in a controlled environment. In this manner, your precious investments remain protected for years to come. 

Ensuring Vaulting Protection

Third-party storage assures you of protection from theft and damage, ownership, and easy accessibility. The enumerated features are necessary for your precious metal vaulting provision as only then you can be sure your bullion is secure:

Wholly Segregated 

Your deposited investment bullion must be securely held in a vaulted account in your name. This, along with physical separation from other holdings, allows for easy identification. 

Full Property Rights

You must retain full property rights over your precious metal investment. An all-risk insurance policy cover acts as a welcome, protective layer. Also, ensure there are measures in place that respect your privacy as a client. 

Qualified Team Support

Having a professional team to lean on is a big plus as their vast experience in investment trading guarantees timely assistance. Should you have any queries regarding operating your secure vault, you are assured of hands-on support.

Maintained Outside the Banking System

A premier third-party vaulting solution exists outside the banking system. When externally operated, your depository vault is not exposed to counterparty risk or insolvency. Even if there is a breakdown in the financial system or the agency from which you source the bullion becomes insolvent, your holdings remain secure.

Approach a recognised precious metal dealer who directly supplies authentic bullion to customers.