How to Find the Best Accommodation When Enrolling at the University of Queensland?

Acquiring an admission to Queensland University is indeed a dream, especially for overseas students who have aspired to study in an Australian university. You get to experience the culture, traditions, and customs of an entirely different nation while pursuing your academic goals. However, while pursuing a university degree is prestigious, the overbearing stress of finding accommodation is difficult to cope with.

Usually, students have three options to choose from depending on their personal preference, comfort zone, availability, and budget restrictions. These three options include student accommodation or hostel facility within the university, homestay with a family, or availing of rental accommodation. There are various websites such as Iglu that can make this entire process seamless. However, you need to choose between the three options, and here is some information that you can refer to –

Availing Student Accommodation 

Student accommodation or hostel facility within the university or off-campus is the most preferred option, especially among overseas undergraduate students. For such students, staying within university premises is much safer. Moreover, you don’t have the stress of getting late for classes while commuting from a faraway location. Since it’s a different country, the experience is invariably daunting and scary.

You can also avail of student accommodations off-campus by referring to websites such as Iglu for rental assistance. These websites can provide you the best off-campus experience at affordable and student-friendly rates.


Homestay is another option that students usually prefer because it reduces the effect of homesickness. You can feel lonely and isolated in a different town or country. Along with this feeling, you also have to manage your finances, know the important places such as hospitals, departmental stores, streets, etc. However, technology can simplify this process for you. Living with a native family will provide you with an added benefit.

Additionally, living with an Australian family shall give your insight into their culture, lifestyle, eating habits, language, etc., thus, creating a liberating experience for you. Moreover, from a safety and security point of view, homestay is the ideal option available for overseas students.

Rental Accommodation  

The third option is availing of a rental facility. If you are native to Australia or familiar with the country, living alone off-campus will not be difficult for you. However, it is advisable to get your university peers and colleagues to live with you in the facility so that you aren’t alone and isolated. It is always better to have a company to ensure your safety and security. Rental accommodation may become an expensive affair, and hence, you need to determine your budget restrictions before bailing such facilities.

Queensland University is one of the most sought-after universities in Australia. It is indeed a great experience on its own to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate degree from the university. To make your university experience ideal and seamless, you need the appropriate accommodation.

This accommodation shall depend on your personal preference, requirements, budget restrictions, etc. Choosing an accommodation can get difficult if you don’t have proper guidance and help available. However, you can always seek help from websites like Iglu to receive accommodation and rental assistance.