Industries That Can Benefit from Cloud-Based Supply Chain Management Solutions

With the rise in eCommerce, industries have to streamline their supply chain systems to improve logistics. The way inventory is stored and moved are crucial in maintaining operational efficiencies in the warehouses. The advanced warehouse management system like can help such industries with better functionalities and cloud integration. 

Here is the list of industries that can benefit from cloud-based supply chain management solutions. 

Food and Beverage 

The food and beverage companies have to face unique warehouse challenges due to the variety of food items they manage. These items have different storage requirements, and companies have to follow strict tracking and reporting regulations. All this increases the need for cloud WMS with specific features to meet the needs of food and beverage companies. 

The cloud-based warehouse management system allows these companies to configure put-away and let-down logic in places to ascertain maximum efficiency. The staff can also configure tables to handle these requirements and determine inbound logic for the longevity and adaptability of your WMS investment. 

The system can generate regulatory and customer reports quickly and accurately to ensure compliance with FDA regulations related to tracking and reporting perishable food items. The WMS can also create a complete genealogy of each product, type batch number, and entire attributes of the finished products. 


Technology innovations and rapidly evolving trends have changed the landscape of the retail industry. The Internet has made the customer more aware of the choices available, and the balance of power has shifted from salesperson to buyer. If you don’t provide customers with what they want, they will move to another retailer. 

The retail industry has to deal with various challenges like tighter competition and margins, different pricing for different items, and constantly moving stock. Retailers have to keep track of unsold goods when replenishing stocks. It is one of the crucial aspects of business that is difficult to track. 

Cloud-enabled WMS enables retailers with real-time management and on-demand management of different business processes. The system gives retailers complete control over their business and inventory from any part of the world. The WMS takes location out of the inventory management and adds mobility to it.


A WMS can help standardise inventory items, locations, and picking methods that lead to increased efficiency of the warehousing operations. It allows stock management without paper-based documentation. It also gives easy access to various warehouse management assets like order management, inventory management, sales and purchasing, shipping and tracking, and multiple warehouse management. 

The cloud-based WMS facilitates the recording of inventory and efficient location of items for assembly or production. It allows a smoother inbound and outbound operation. The manufacturing companies can maintain sufficient inventory for uninterrupted production and the data analysis helps minimise risks due to delays in shipments. The warehouse managing systems also make tracking of all shipments a lot easier. 

To sum up, the cloud-based WMS is designed to simplify warehousing operations that include acquiring goods from the suppliers and delivering them to customers. The cloud-based WMS can be accessed from a browser or installed on a mobile device to get real-time information from any place and any time.