Jared Seyl Farmers Insurance Expert on The Benefits of This Industry

Jared Seyl farmers insurance expert came from a family of farmers and whilst he may not have wanted to go directly into that industry, he did stay somewhere close to it. Jared started working for a farmers insurance company when he left school and slowly but surely he rose up through the ranks of the agency to District Manager and then eventually as director of the firm here in Greenwood Village, CO. I began working as one of his advisors around 4 years ago and what he has taught me about the industry of farmers insurance is really astonishing. If you like the idea of working in insurance then you should keep your mind open to the possibility of getting a job within farmers insurance, and here are just some of the benefits which you can count on.


A recent study showed that those working within farmers insurance have a far high salary than those working in auto or home insurance and it is currently the 3rd best paid branch of insurance. This means that if you are prepared to work hard and push to meet your KPIs, you could be taking home a handsome financial package for your efforts.


Much unlike the other insurance companies those who specialize in farmers insurance have gained a reputation for promoting from within. In fact in many of the companies which you may find, our own included, you will see that there is a very clear career path should you want it, and much of the training is carried out in-house, so that they can then bring you up the ladder. Something which many people are looking for in a job or a career is to know that they have options for moving forward, something which you can count on with a position in a farmers insurance company.


Much of the meetings and the dealings which you will have with your client will not take place in a stuffy office or a crammed cafe, but rather in the great outdoors. Many of my colleagues here will head out to farmlands to meet with their clients and that brings with it a lot of excitement plus the chance to get out of the office for a while. The clients themselves, or at least those who I have met are very kind and very helpful and I have struck up a number of friendships with them.

Less Pressure

Results are still needed no matter what area of farmers insurance that you go into but that is not to say that this industry is highly pressurized because compared to many others it really isn’t. There is healthy competition between insurers which does push you on to be as good as you can be, but it never reaches the point where you will need to get stressed out.

If you are looking for a career in insurance then I would highly recommend looking at farmers insurance as an option.