Most Famous Anime Slots For 2021

The continued growth of the online casino space meant that many niche slot machines and unique designs have emerged over the last couple of years. The gambling community has also catered to anime fans in recent years with some exciting approaches and exciting RTBs, which we’ve collated below alongside some handy tips and notes about the world of anime slots.

Making Money With Online Slots

Here are some of the most important tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing anime slot machines or other casino games. Following them will let you get more playtime and enjoyment out of your money and a slightly increased chance to hit that desired jackpot.

Do your research and pick the safest and best anime casino

Not every online casino is made the same. The safety of your deposit is paramount, and a wider range of casino game offerings can ensure you have a better time.

Fancy bonuses and other user-friendly options like crypto deposits can also be very valuable. 

The expert resources on Safest Betting Sites and other such platforms are a great way to figure out the best online casino site for you.

The high deposit bonus of BetUS (125% up to $2500) and Las Atlantis (280% up to $14000) make them standout options for casino game players in the United States.

In the world of slots, RTP is the key

RTP stands for “return to player,” which is also known as the slot payout percentage. This is the most important metric you need to know about any Japanese slot machine.

Though every machine guarantees an edge for the house in the long run (which is the source of their profit margin), the differences between the various slots can be significant. Here’s an example to make this all a little clearer:

  • The slots machine in question has a 95% payout percentage,
  • You have a 200$ bankroll,
  • You’re expected to finish a long session at around $190 left.

These percentages have become a lot more generous in the era of online slots machines as the maintenance and other costs have become significantly lower for the casinos, allowing them to narrow the margins for the player’s benefit.

Information on the various Japanese video slot machines’ RTP percentages is almost always available online. It is only logical that you should seek out those with the highest percentage offered.

A higher RTP means that you’ll get more bang for your buck: playing a machine with only 1% house edge (or 99% payout percentage) than one that merely offers an RTP of 95%. Figuring this out is also a crucial part of the research that will get you above the average slots player.

Pay table and payout: the other key slots metrics

Make sure to read the rules of the game you’re playing. Getting a good idea of the value of the different symbols and whether scatters or wilds are part of the game (or if the slots machine offers any sort of added player agency via minigames) all make a difference.

There’s also the payout volatility to consider. A less volatile or “tight” slots machine will offer many small wins. Meanwhile, “loose” or high-variance slots will offer large winnings but many losses along the way. Most of this information is available online, thanks to the data collected by betting experts and enthusiasts.

Manage your bankroll carefully

Bankroll management is the most critical aspect of casino games or gambling activity: you need to have an established mathematical system and stick to it instead of going up and down the stakes just because of a random hunch here and there.

Bet sizing and the concept of “units” apply everywhere in the slots world, and it closely correlates with the idea of paying attention to RTP metrics. On a more practical level, never bet money you can’t afford to lose: the idea here is to have fun and pull a sneaky on the house, not to chase losses deep into the night continuously. 

Make sure you have a set limit before you start playing and stay committed to them until the end of your playtime.

Most Popular Anime Slots for 2021

Here’s the definitive list of the most popular anime slots machines this year, with pros and cons, RTP information, and online casino promotion data included as well to help you make a well-informed decision.

Moon Princess

Courtesy of Play’n GO, this machine revolves around the world of the Sailor Moon anime. It features a 5×5 grid where you have to match at least three symbols. If you can clear the entire grid, there’s a free spin for you. This slots machine offers a 96% RTP and high volatility.

Koi Princess

Made by industry giants NetEnt, Koi Princess is somewhat light on the anime themes (“cartoon girl goes on an Asian adventure” with no popular intellectual property to tie in as a hook). Still, she offers a 96% RTP with medium volatility, making it a good choice. There’s a bonus bet opportunity baked into the gameplay system, but keep in mind that it lowers the winnings and volatility.

Sakura Fortune

Brought to you by Quickspin, this video slot machine puts you in the shoes of a Japanese princess battling evil overlords. Its visual style is reserved and classical, with a cherry tree wood frame apart from most contemporary offerings. It offers a 96.58% RTP, 40 paylines, and 5 reels.

Thundercats: Reels of Thundera

Based on the popular Japanese show, this machine takes great advantage of the series it’s based on, incorporating elements to represent the various symbols on the game board. This anime slots machine offers a large variety of bonuses (even for losing rolls), which is a great way to counteract the “loose” nature.

This machine offers 97.53% RTP. Its design is quite similar to The Goonies and other such offerings from Blueprint, so if you enjoy this one, there are other slots to explore for a similar experience.


Now that you have a good understanding of how anime slot machines operate, it’s your turn to delve into this exciting world and find your favorite slots.

Keep in mind the handy tips we’ve listed above and keep a cool head as you navigate the odds, and you can spend some quality time getting lost inside the world of your favorite anime as you try to hit the jackpot!

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