Outdoor are trends that never go out of style

Australians love the outdoors, almost as much as we love our outdoor areas, and why not? We are blessed with incredible weather almost all year round. We receive the kind of weather that begs for us to be outside, enjoying our backyards and outdoor areas. 

With the right outdoor furniture and design tips, anyone can transform their Backyard into a hot spot for outdoor living. While the fundamentals of design can be applied to our outdoor areas, there are a few features that have never gone out of style. 

By incorporating these elements into your outdoor area, you can be sure that you stay on trend for decades to come.

Fire pits

As much of Australia is regularly under strict fire bans, a fire pit may seem a little absurd, but it adds so much character and functionality to your outdoor space, and they never go out of fashion. A fire pit should separate itself from a hole in the ground with stone walls and safety features to ensure guests (and you!) don’t accidentally get burned.

There are many different styles of pre-built fire pits available; the most significant choice buyers have is what fuel source the fire pit needs. Wood is a classic fuel source but can cause problems with over-sensitive neighbors. Charcoal is a better choice and looks lovely glowing away in a fire pit. Gas-powered fire pits are entering the market and look ultra-luxe. But come with a hefty sticker price.


Plants are amazing. A distinct form of life that has colonized the planet and allowed other life forms to prosper; they also look great in your backyard. Plants have numerous benefits and uses, so determine what needs you have, and select the plants that suit.

Hedging plants are a brilliant way of creating a living, breathing barrier to protect against gusts of wind, small pests, and big prying pests, aka your neighbors. Shade giving trees and bushes can be placed strategically to protect your outdoor area from the sun’s harmful rays.

Plants have plenty of utility sure, but above all else, they just look good. Plants soften man-made edges and draw the eye towards them. The green of plants goes well with every color and texture pallet and will compliment your outdoor furniture. Fabrics, patterns, and shapes go out of style all the time; plants don’t.

As sustainable living has become vogue, plants are even more sensible choice than ever before if your outdoor area receives more than 7 hours of direct sunlight a day, it’s possible for you to grow your own vegetables and herbs in your own back yard. Pretty and sustainable, now that’s fashion.


It might seem obvious that lighting hasn’t gone out of style; after all, we need light to see. What has gone out of style is certain types of lighting. Gaudy string lights and shonky floor lamps are out, and sleek strip lighting is in… but for how long?

To create a timeless outdoor setting that won’t go out of style, consider using lighting for functional purposes. Garden path lights and deck lights are a good example of this. Try adding some accent lights to highlight a standout feature of your areas, such as the stunning tree in the corner of your yard, or boast-worthy architectural features of your home.

Dual-purpose furniture

What do I mean by dual purpose? Well, a serving tray has one purpose while an outdoor setting has multiple purposes. Functional, durable outdoor furniture never goes out of style, and if it does, who cares? I’d much rather own a piece of furniture that does its job for decades than a stylish but unreliable design.

Designing a stylish outdoor area that stays on-trend can be a little tricky, but if you stick to the fundamentals, you should be just fine. Remember that an outdoor area is beautiful, but it must also be a functional and comfortable place to be. Function never goes out of style.