Reasons Helmet Safety Is so Important

People have many excuses for not wearing motorcycle helmets. They think that helmets are too hot or too heavy or limit the motion of their head. Maybe these complaints were true of motorcycle helmets in the past, but times have changed. New materials and innovative designs have made helmets far more lightweight and comfortable than they may have been in the past. With helmets among the many motorcycle parts online for sale, difficulty finding a helmet is no excuse either.

If you have an accident while riding a motorcycle, you are 16 times more likely to die than you would be as the occupant of a car. The leading cause of death in a motorcycle accident is an injury to the head. Your risk of sustaining a head injury in a motorcycle accident reduces by 69% when you wear a helmet. Keep in mind that not all head injuries are fatal, but even if you survive, you may endure permanent disability from irreversible physical and/or mental deficits.

It is also important to note that not all helmets provide sufficient protection. Whatever one you choose, be sure that it has the approval of the Department of Transportation. The DOT stickers that appear on the best motorcycle helmets indicate that their effectiveness at protecting you in a crash has been strenuously tested. A helmet that has not received this testing because it was sold as a “novelty” may be ineffective at best. At worst, it may even contribute to further injury.

Here Is a List of Some of the Best Motorcycle Helmets in the Industry

There is a wide variety of DOT-approved motorcycle helmets to choose from. They come in different styles, colors, and patterns to allow you to express your individuality in creative ways.

The wide variety of helmets available is an advantage, yet it can also be a bit bewildering when it comes time to actually choose a helmet. To help  guide you, here are some of the top helmets to choose from:

  1. Bell Qualifier DLX: Affordable, with a photochromic face shield and intercom capability
  2. Arai XD-4: High-quality, all-around safety, excellent visibility, and good chin ventilation
  3. Shoei RF-1200: Aerodynamic, lightweight, extremely comfortable, and resistant to fogging due to pin lock visor

Why Buying Motorcycle Parts Online Can Save You Time & Money

There are many advantages to buying parts and accessories like helmets and motorcycle seats online. You do not have to travel around looking for exactly what you need, only to find that it is not available in your area. You can search for exactly what you want and, with the wide selection available online, you can find it almost instantly.

Because parts shops have limited space, they may not keep a lot of inventory on hand. Instead, they order parts as needed, and it can take you longer to receive your order if you go through a middleman. Rather than waiting for the shop to order it, you can order online and have it delivered directly to you, meaning that you can get the parts faster.
A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy. Make your purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure adequate protection.