The Social Benefits of Vaping


For many non-smokers, the idea of spending time in a smoky environment is a non-starter.  No matter how much they want to spend time with friends, they also don’t want to be exposed to second-hand smoke for extended periods of time.  They don’t want to have to dry clean their clothes after a lunch out with a smoking friend, and they definitely don’t want burns in their furniture from dropped cigarettes.  Even smokers can’t deny that their habit creates lingering odors on clothes and skin which means that others may not want to get too close!

Thankfully, vaping offers a socially-acceptable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that makes it possible for smokers to enjoy the physical and mental aspects of smoking while not creating an unpleasant atmosphere for their non-smoking friends.  Here are just a few of the social benefits of vaping vs smoking.

Social Disapproval

Smokers know that their habit has health consequences and that they should consider quitting – they don’t need to be told this by people on the street.  Nor do they need to feel that people are looking at them with a range of expressions ranging from disapproval to disgust.  However, the fact is that smokers are subjected to all of these things, which can make a smoker feel extremely uncomfortable smoking even in areas that are designated for smokers.  Vaping is much more socially acceptable, and allows smokers to enjoy an e-cigarette without being subject to derision.


Smoking traditional cigarettes is banned in virtually all public places.  As a result, when a smoker is out with friends he or she must leave the group, and very often must leave the location itself, in order to enjoy a cigarette.  This can make the smoker feel embarrassed or excluded as a result.  However, while vaping is not permitted everywhere, many establishments do not prohibit vaping – this means that a smoker can enjoy an e-cigarette without having to leave the group.

More Invitations

Non-smokers in particular may be reluctant to invite smokers to events in their home because they do not want smoking indoors but feel uncomfortable imposing this ban on their guests.  Or, they may be unwilling to deal with cigarette butts on their lawn or in their planters after a party where people have been smoking outside. Vaping provides an alternative for smokers which creates none of these problems for non-smokers.

Avoiding Uncomfortable Moments

Even smokers know that an unpleasant odor clings to their clothes and skin, and that when they return to a closed space after a cigarette break this odor can be very strong for those around them.  Stepping into an elevator or meeting room after smoking and seeing people wrinkle their noses and try to pull away from you can be extremely embarrassing.  Vaping as an alternative to smoking helps to avoid these socially uncomfortable moments.

As you can see, there are a number of advantages that come with vaping over smoking in social situations. Vape mods are affordable and easy to use, making vaping an excellent alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.