The 4 Best Tools for Your Cat Instagram

When it comes to being a successful Instagrammer, there are lots of strategies you need to use. For example, if you’re running a cat Instagram, it’s important to know your audience and how to make your cat’s personality shine in every post. This is key to getting a large following on the platform, just as it is to post regularly, use the right hashtags, and reply to comments when you have the chance. But sometimes, this isn’t enough. Just because you’re doing a great job, there’s a huge difference between having a decent following and one that’s enough people for you to make money.

So if you want your cat Instagram to start doing well right meow, there are some tools you need to use to get more engagement and followers–and here’s how.

1 Planoly

If you want to see what all your posts will look like as a whole, to see if they follow an aesthetic that works or line up like a story you’re telling, it can be difficult to do post by post. That’s why Planoly is such a great app. In the same way that employment background checks protect an employer by helping them do research beforehand about who they’re hiring, Planoly makes it possible for you to visually check what you’re posting before it goes online. Especially if you’re doing a special series for your cat (for example, going on a trip to Paris with you), it’s good to be able to see it beforehand to make sure it works.

Considering that, as of June 2018, Instagram had nearly 1 billion monthly active users, being able to plan the layout of your pictures and general aesthetic of the account will make a difference in attracting more followers.

2 Owlmetrics

When you change your account to an Instagram for Business account (if you haven’t already, do it now), you get the great benefit of free information about your most successful posts and followers via the Insights feature. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. That’s why Owlmetrics is such a great tool. According to Forbes:

“The most advanced Instagram analytics tool is Owlmetrics. This platform allows social media marketers to track data points like follower growth, follower engagement, and hashtag activity. It also helps your team monitor competitor activity and determines the optimal time to share content to quickly improve engagement and grow followers. Owlmetrics also tracks metrics such as gender, language, and monitors performance across demographic or location segments.”

In 2018, 53 percent of Instagram users followed brands, which goes to show how successful this platform can be when you know enough about your followers. By using this tool, you’ll get more information, which means more success!

3 Social Gone Viral

Sometimes, connecting with your followers isn’t enough. Even if you reply to their comments, like what they post, and follow their accounts, you still can’t seem to get your cat Instagram off the ground. That’s because getting a lot of followers can’t be done overnight. It takes time, which can be frustrating, especially if you want to start doing well now. Luckily, there’s a solution to that: Social Gone Viral.

This tool allows you to buy Instagram followers by targeting your audience using usernames, hashtags, location, and more. Once they’ve done that, it’s easy to up the engagement on your account, which means you can start getting more promoters and other followers interested in your cat’s Instagram!

Considering that 28 percent of adult Internet users are on Instagram, you have the potential to get many followers, and using a tool like this one will make a huge difference.

4 SocialInsider

Sometimes, one of the best ways to improve your social media game is by taking a look at what your competitors are doing. When you’re first creating an aesthetic, seeing what their content is and what fonts they choose can give you a good idea of where to start. The same goes for learning about what hashtags are effective in your industry. But one of the best ways you can learn from your competitors is by using a tool like SocialInsider, which will quantitatively analyze what your competitors are doing, and why it works. It’s hard data, and you can use it not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter.

And don’t forget to use hashtags; having at least one hashtag will get you 12.6 percent more engagement!  And if you travel a lot, be wary of internet censorship in certain countries such as China.  You will need to use a VPN to unblock Instagram if you want to access the service.

These are some of the best tools for growing your following on your cat Instagram. What other strategies do you use to get more followers on Instagram?