The Best Places for Vegetarians to Travel

Food is one one of the most enjoyable pleasures of travel, just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you should be left out! Here of some of the best places for vegetarians to travel. A vegetarian diet can be a healthier choice for you and the environment so why not consider them when planning your next foodie destination.

Vegetarian Desitnation
Portland, United States
The Pacific Northwest Hipster gem of Portland is at the cutting edge of all the trends and food is no different. Portland chefs were among the first to promote the farm to table movement, with the emphasis on the farm. Their access to fresh, local, and healthy produce makes Portland one of the best cities in the world for the taste conscience vegetarian to travel to. Foraging for local vegetables and mushrooms takes fresh to a whole new level and offers unique flavors not available at your local grocer. With more and more veggie friendly restaurants opening everyday and chefs experimenting with exciting vegetarian recipes daily, the sooner you get to Portland the better!

Indian vegetarian food


The massive subcontinent of India is home to over 300 million vegetarians. This has created a culture and food scene with a long history of delicious and varying vegetarian flavors. From chickpea curries to fresh paneer cheese, Indians love their vegetarian food. The government of India even mandates vegetarian labels on all foods, making it easy to pick out what you want to eat. With dishes and ingredients to vast to name, the best way to explore Indian veg cuisine is to get out there and do it yourself.


While you don’t always associate Italian food with a vegetarian diet, you’d be surprised how many delicious Italian dishes are already vegetarian. Italy’s emphasis on flavorful, fresh, and bold ingredients prepared in a simple way makes it easy to distinguish a vegetarian dish. Even staples such as tradition pizza is usually made meat free in Italy. With countless more pastas and salads being made using green, simple, and cruelty free ingredients a vegetarian will not go hungry in this European foodie destination. But lets face it, you could live out the rest of your days happily with nothing more than fresh Italian bread and olive oil (not to mention cheese…)

While a resourceful vegetarian can find a good meal anywhere in the world, some locations definitely make it easier than others. You can take a look at this handy infographic of top vegetarian destinations. So whether you are eating a spicy curry at a street side Bangkok food stall, a rustic salad on the Mediterranean, or a kimchi tofu burrito in Portland, with vegetarian food this good even your meat loving friends will be jealous of your foodie pics on social media.