The Complete Guide to Hiring Sprinkler Repair Services for Homeowners

The average sprinkler system has a lifespan of 20 years. This is a rather short time. Therefore, you may be hiring sprinkler repair services sooner than you think.

If you do, it’s best to hire the best sprinkler repair service possible. That way, you’ll get the highest quality of work at a decent price.

However, it’s likely that you don’t know how to do this well. If so, read on to learn some steps to take in this process.


Don’t waste hours with your favorite search engine. You’ll likely be spending that amount of time searching through several results. Instead, consider trying some faster search methods.

Reading online reviews is one such method. You will only find some of these on the service’s website. However, there are many other places where you can find reviews.

One such place to find reviews is Google Maps. Just type “sprinkler repair” in the search bar. You should get multiple local services.

Click on each one. This will pull up a page for each location. Scroll down and you’ll find some reviews.

Experience and Licenses

After reading these reviews, you should have some places in mind. Now, go to their sites. Here is a good example of one:

Once you’re there, you need to search for certain facts. The specific details of these can separate bad sprinkler services from good ones.

First, look at the years of sprinkler repair experience. These should include both the company’s lifespan and the employees’ years of service. The company that’s been around the longest and has the most experienced workers is the best.

Second, look for any licenses. Having a license is often a legal requirement for professionally repairing broken sprinklers. Even if it isn’t, a license proves one has adequate knowledge and experience.

Therefore, choose a licensed sprinkler repair company over a non-licensed one.


After you’ve confirmed the details above, you may still have a few choices. To pick between them, focus now on minor differences.

For example, consider comparing repair costs. If they’re not listed, call and ask for a quote. Write each service’s price and put them together.

You can now see which one is cheaper. However, don’t let cheapness be the only deciding factor. Make sure that you also consider experience level and customer satisfaction.

Also, check the average price for sprinkler repair in your area. See if the service’s price is too low or high in comparison. If so, the company may not be legitimate.

After Hiring Sprinkler Repair Services, Learn More

Remember that it’s important to take your time. Rushing through this process can lead to a lot of errors. You may feel impatient, but being careful will be worth it in the end.

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