Thinking of Buying a Car Out of State? 5 Pro Tips You Need to Know

Shopping for a new car? Look no further.

Buying a new car is a big deal. Even when you’re buying used, it can be hard to find the car that you want at a decent price point. Being patient and shopping a little outside the box, however, can help you find a great deal.

Let’s be honest, looking for a car out of state isn’t exactly convenient. There’s the whole headache of getting the vehicle from wherever it is to wherever you are. But, if you’re looking for something specific, you’re going to have better luck if you widen your search parameters.

In this post, we’re going to give you 5 tips for buying a car out of state. When you’re spending a lot of dough, you shouldn’t have to settle for something you’re not in love with. Let’s get you that dream car.

1. Research Thoroughly

It all starts with an online search. There are dozens of auto search engines, so you’ll have lots of options. Something like Autotrader will allow you to customize the search to look for exactly what you want.

Searching for a car online is a lot different than doing it in person. The biggest issue is that you can’t test drive it, so you can’t give it the clean bill of health by yourself.

Search for reviews of the make and model and search out what common issues with it might be. This’ll give you some background and gives you the opportunity to ask the seller about any issues.

2. Scrutinize the Ads

Before that, you’ll only have the advertisement to go off of. Make sure that you give a thorough look at the description and the pictures and make note of anything that seems fishy.

If you’re going to avoid buying a lemon, you need to be okay with asking the tough questions. A trustworthy seller won’t shy away from anything.

Ask for more photos and if you’re not satisfied with the description that they put in the ad, have a list of questions ready so you can get the necessary info.

3. Pay for Vehicle History Report

Trusting the seller is great, but you should get a vehicle history report. There are several companies that take info from the DMV, insurance providers, and salvage yards to give you the background that you need on a vehicle.

Sometimes a seller can be completely honest but not know the whole story of the car if they’re not the original owner.

4. How to Get the Car to You

When you decide that you’ve found the right car, you’ll need to get it in your possession somehow. There are a few ways to do this.

You can fly out to wherever the car is and drive it back home. This method gets the car in your care right away, but it’ll be time consuming and expensive.

The other option is to get the car shipped. There are loads of car shipping companies on the market, so you should do some research to find the best auto transport companies in the area.

5. Title & Registration

To protect yourself from potential scams, you should use an Escrow service to pay for the vehicle. This is an intermediary that will hold the payment until you get the title of the vehicle. Once you get the title, the payment is released to the seller and you can register the vehicle at the DMV.

No Need to Fear Buying a Car Out Of State

Buying a car out of state can be scary. If you don’t get to see, hear, smell, or drive the thing before you get it, there’s always going to be uncertainty. Do your research, however, and there are so many benefits.

Most importantly, you get to buy the car that you want instead of the car you can get. Follow these tips and you won’t have any trouble getting your dream car.

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