Tips for completing your bucket list

One of the best tips for completing your bucket list: be fearless. You're going to die one day anyhow...

Photo by CC userĀ pamwood707 on Flickr

The idea of a bucket list has become hugely popular in the last few years, with more and more people compiling a list of their hopes and dreams, before setting off across the world to tick them off.

For all those intrepid travellers, we decided to offer up some hints and tips for completing your bucket list.

Start Off Small

So you want to climb Mount Everest? Don’t book a flight for Nepal with a rucksack full of high-street climbing gear. Aside from the obvious risks, and the fact it’s one of the most expensive bucket list activities (according to Lottoland’s analysis on the cost of completing the average list) you’re liable to not accomplish this, and it’ll damage your confidence for future adventures.

Instead start on the smaller challenges, go sky diving or visit somewhere new. Or, if your bucket list is all about climbing, attempt a smaller mountain first!

Know Your Budget

A lot of people’s bucket lists are full of amazing ideas, that are simply far too expensive. Nothing will make you unhappier that a load of dreams that you can never feasibly accomplish.

That being said, many people are able to do the most amazing things on a shoestring budget. If one of your dreams is to travel the globe, then start searching for ways of making money on the move!

Tell People Of Your Plans

There is nothing like a bit of social pressure to ensure you keep to your word, if you’ve told all your friends and family about your plans then they’re going to hold you accountable!

Another advantage is that the more people know your plans, the more likely it is that people will offer up great advice or suggestions. Someone might have a friend abroad whose sofa you could crash on, or they might know someone with a yacht who is looking for crew members.

Start NOW

That’s right, there is no time like the present. It’s all well and good saying you will do it next year, or that someday you’ll go, but the chances are those dreams will remain dreams, as you sit at your desk day in day out.

Of course throwing a letter of resignation at your boss later today isn’t a smart idea, but there are plenty of little things you can do to get started. Want to learn a language? Don’t wait until you’re abroad, take a class once a week.