Tips to keep your computer upgraded

Constant research and untiring efforts from IT professionals make even the latest technology obsolete in just few years. This is definitely a bliss for the tech-savvy world, however it also makes it difficult for the people to keep pace with the technical advancements. The computer that you have purchased just couple of years back may suddenly seem outdated if you don’t take necessary measures to keep it upgraded. Below are few tips to keep your computer upgraded for years with some simple moves.


Here we won’t be talking about future-proof technology, but yes some simple measures that would extend the life of the technology you own! The idea is to make the process of upgradation constant from the time you purchase the machine. It will involve replacement of certain parts or upgradation of the software, but the end result is quite satisfactory. If you are not convinced by this theory of upgradation in parts, then you have a choice of scraping the entire machine at one go after 3 to 4 years to get the new one with better features and sleek looks.

This articles supports the first theory of upgradation in parts to keep the machine working for years without compromising the features.

  • Stay Updated!

Before you update your PC, it is quite important to stay updated yourselves. Unless you are aware of the new introductions in the world of technology, you won’t be able to introduce them to your computer. Online help is the best thing to opt for in this situation. Find out websites that offer the information on such upgrades on regular basis. You can also subscribe to their newsletters or mail notifications. This way you won’t be lagging behind in terms of knowledge and resultantly the computer would stay upgraded too. Try who helps you find upgrades for all devices at economical prices.

  • Software Upgrades

Software is the program that makes your computer work. The efficiency of the computer is based on the kind of software you are using. Whatever task you carry out on your computer like typing, gaming, audio, video, pictures, calculations, presentations, and almost everything is done by different softwares designed to carry out these tasks. When you use the licensed copy of the software, you get regular updates from the company itself for possible upgrades. Most of these upgrades are available online and are easy to install. However, if you have wrongly loaded the pirated version of the software then you are in a big trouble as you won’t be eligible for the above mentioned updates. All you can do is to wait for the pirated version of the updated software to enjoy the new features. To avoid these hassles, always use the original licensed copy of the software for easy and timely updates.

  • Don’t forget the memory!

Yes, it sounds ironical but many times we forget the memory issues of the computer. The computer works on short term memory called RAM and long term memory called ROM. The RAM decides the performance of the computer. Powerful RAM makes the computer work on different tasks at the same time without getting hanged. If your computer has started showing the signals like getting hang when more windows are opened, speed issues when multi-tasking, takes time in carrying out simple tasks, then you may have ignored the memory for sure. RAM upgrades can be purchased based on the compatibility to the mother board. The long term memory or ROM can be upgraded to store more data,however you can also take a backup on extra hard-disk until you get this upgrade done. Find out the memory configuration of your computer and see whether it is good enough for your kind of work, else upgrade it soon.

  • Hard to forget hardware

New sleek monitors with amazing screen resolutions are hard to resist. Anticipating this change, start saving for the hardware replacement from the very day of purchasing the new computer. This will make the upgrades easier. Offer your old monitor for buyback when you are done with its looks, and get the new one to keep you happy for years to come. Similarly, you can get other hardware parts replaced to get the new one. However, watch your expenses as that should not cross the cost of buying a new computer!

  • Backup before its gone

This tip is not about the upgrade, but it holds lot of importance in the process of upgrade. Always take the reliable backup of the important data before you run the upgrades on your computer. This will keep the data safe in event of any wrong upgrade or bug that may otherwise make things worse. Little precaution at the time of upgradation would ensure great results later.

Computers are built to last for years, but the technology make them obsolete. Timely updates would keep your machine future-proof for many years.