Top 3 US Destinations To Take Your Family This Year

If you are looking for a last minute trip for your family this year, it is not too late to pick up a great deal and have a wonderful summer vacation, but you must act fast. One of the most popular destinations for many families is the USA, and as you would imagine, a nation of this size has plenty of places which your family will just love!

To help you drill down into which is the best choice for you and the family, we have put together our top 3 list of US destinations for a family vacation.


We’ll start off with one of the most obvious choices for a list such as this, Florida, the perfect state for family vacations. The first thing to say is that from a last minute point of view, Florida does make for a great option as many tour operators who haven’t sold all their vacations, will be looking to do so. Here in Florida there are certain guarantees which make it so appealing, you can guarantee sunshine, beautiful beaches, tourist infrastructure and accommodation which are geared up to ensure that you and the family have the best time possible, and of course the fact that Florida has some amazing theme parks.

Yellowstone National Park

For families looking for a more adventurous vacation, look no further than Yellowstone National Park. The park is spread across Idaho and Montana but the majority of the action is in Wyoming. This could be considered as a natural theme park which kids and adults alike will adore. Here the kids can watch the Old Faithful geyser erupt, spurting lava-heated water into the air. The family can camp out underneath jagged peaks and alongside colorful lakes and flowing rivers. Everyone can also get involved in some of the many activities here such as kayaking, rafting, cycling, climbing and all manner of outdoor activities, in the most spectacular surroundings. Yellowstone is a great option if you have kids above the age of 10, any younger than this and they may not get the value from the vacation that you are looking for.


There are many places throughout California which the whole family would love and it is a great place to rent a car and take in many of these locations. California has its very own Disneyland and theme parks such as Knotts Berry Farm which of course the kids will enjoy, these can be found in Anaheim. Beyond this kids will love Los Angeles with its beaches and the Hollywood sights, as well as cities such as San Francisco and San Diego having plenty to offer the whole family. California is a sunny and relaxed state, where fun and chilling out are very much on the agenda, both you and your kids will absolutely love this place.

With so much to enjoy in the USA, it makes for a great place for your last minute trip, why not have a look at some flight prices today?