Top 5 Toys for Women: Ranked and Rated

For your viewing, and playing, pleasure, we’ve rated and ranked the top toys for women that can get your bedroom booyah primed for glory.

We have exhausted ourselves searching for, and testing, the top five toys for women, just so you don’t have to- we know… our job is really tough. TBH the only part of this articles research that was difficult was critically ranking toys for women and somehow getting it all whittled down to five outstanding genres of toys.

  1. Good Vibes Mini-Vibrator

Every woman who understands to power and full satisfaction that a self-service can give owns a mini-vibrator. They come in all shapes and sizes, but we definitely prefer the vibrating eggs. For the best vibe experiences, eggs can provide both internal and external stimulation, depending on where you keep them. Our favorite toys for women come in a teardrop shape with one edge being slightly more pointed, this makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation or, pop it inside your vagina before your man goes downtown, you can thank us once you get your breath back.

  1. Glass Dildos That Don’t Shatter the Bank

Glass dildos are not only elegant, but they’re incredibly practical. They’re super damage resistant and essentially timeless toys for women. No batteries, no chargers, just ready to go when you are. Durable and easy to clean, glass dildos can also be popped into the freezer before use to cool you off while you heat up. The sensation of the weighty glass slowly and effortlessly sliding in and out of your vagina is something that will send chills up your spine… or is that just the freezer?

  1. Strap in for Strap-Ons

Strap-ons are incredible for a number of different reasons (we love them for threesomes), but the best part about them is that their dildo attachments are just as easily interchangeable as your sex partners. Feeling like some long, lengthy cock? How about just getting railed by something a bit thicker? Whatever your mood is, there’s definitely an attachment toys for women that will easily get you what you’re going for. Grab a dildo with a vibrating pattern or built in clit stimulator to up the ante.

  1. Look, No Hands! Massagers

Looking for an incredibly fun and sexy way to spice up date night? Leave the Thai food behind and get your hands on a hands free massager. Thanks to nerds undying need to add Bluetooth and remotes to just about everything, we now have the ability to pop a massager into our panties and hand the remote off to our partner for surprise stimulation any time!

  1. Shower Power

Suction cup dildos are amazing, it a ton of situations, but where there really touch our hearts (and our g-spots) is in the shower. Shower suction cup dildos are definitely the best sex toys for women due to their ease of removal and ease of placement. Not only that, but some of the best suction cup shower buddies are hyper realistic, or sold in a rainbow of super fun colors. Simply attach it to the shower wall, ride yourself dirty, then scrub it all off in one fell swoop.