Top jackpot slots to play in 2020 

If you know anything about the broad history of slot machine related gambling you would also know that the current extent of the slot industry’s dominance over the rest of the gambling world is an absolutely stupendous feat. Back in the late 1800s an entrepreneurial fellow named Charles D. Fey decided to make a few crucial alterations to some of the earliest slot machines in existence, and ended up with his famous Liberty Bell slot machine. Seeing as this method of gambling was still illegal in his native California at the time the Liberty Bell was only played in the dimly lit corners of saloons and bars, but before long it had gotten rather popular indeed. Fast-forward a few decades and gambling would be legalised across the US, leading to the slot machine explosion in places such as Las Vegas especially.

Slot machines were immensely popular throughout the 20th Century, but still weren’t touching the heights of other jackpot games such as roulette or poker, but then something amazing happened. With crucial advances in the world wide web came the opportunity for software developers to create online slots, gambling games that could be played from anywhere in the world. As you might imagine these quickly came on, to the point where, not more than two decades later, online slots well and truly rule the roost when it comes to any form of gambling. It is this dominance that has led to developers being able to offer gargantuan sums as online slot prizes, and nowhere is this more visible than with progressive jackpot slots. Pretty much all of the record wins associated with online slots have come courtesy of progressive jackpot games, so it is sensible to play these if you are a big jackpot hunter. Read ahead for a lowdown of the top jackpot slots to play in 2020. 

Mega Joker 

Mega Joker by the esteemed Scandinavian developers NetEnt often tops the list when it comes to online slots that consistently give great pay outs, and there’s no wonder really, as this online slot has a potential RTP of a whooping 99%. For anyone that is unaware, RTP stands for Return To Player and denotes the average amount a gambler can expect back from his wager – 99% is pretty much the best you can get. 

As with many of the best paying online slots Mega Joker takes on a vintage theme that reminds us heavily of the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines that have many a gambler incredibly rich. It is a simple play, but with the prospect of a huge jackpot at the end of a session it remains highly exhilarating. 

Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah holds the record for being the online slot to have paid out the biggest jackpot so far, something that makes this game by Australian developer Eyecon something of a cult classic. Due to the progressive jackpot included in this safari themed online slot one lucky gambler won $20,066,800 off of just 25p! 

If you’re looking for the top jackpot slots to play in 2020 you simply cannot look past Mega Moolah, even if it has been around for quite a few years. The good thing here is that Eyecon have put a lot of effort into making this slot an engaging play, so even if you don’t hit the top jackpot you are still bound to have a lot of fun.

Jackpot Giant 

Don’t you just love online slots that well and truly do what they say on the tin? Jackpot Giant excels in this regard, as the jackpots on offer really can be giant. When you combine this fact with the fantastic graphics by the developer Playtech you really do have a wonderful online slot on your hands, and it doesn’t even end there. 

Playtech have put in a considerable amount of effort to design this slot with a whooping 50 pay lines, a lovely number of opportunities to hit that progressive jackpot that can regularly go over one million dollars! 

Hall Of Gods 

Hall Of Gods is an online slot that has been paying out its top progressive jackpot with almost unnerving consistency since its release, with a lucky winner being chosen on average every 24 to 26 weeks. It is not a small jackpot either, with the previous winners all being awarded at least one million dollars. 

As for the slot itself: it is designed by NetEnt so you just know that it is going to be a cracking piece of online gambling entertainment before you even play it. With extensive bonus features and a wonderfully rendered theme Hall Of Gods really isn’t a game you will want to miss out on during 2020. 

Beach Life 

Many of our favourite online slots are our favourite because of their idyllic setting more than anything else, and this is exactly the case with Beach Life. Playtech show off their typically clear graphics here, utilizing them to great effect with a relaxing beach setting. Who needs to go on holiday when the paradise of Beach Life awaits you? 

But that’s not even the best thing about Beach Life, because this online slot pays out a massive $2.5 million prize almost every half a year. And even if you do not ever win this amount, the intoxicating beach holiday theme will have you playing for hours and hours with a huge grin on your face. 

Millionaire Genie 

We would be willing to bet that most of us would be tempted to ask for at least a million pounds if ever confronted by a magical genie, and this is something that the online slot Millionaire Genie can genuinely bring to life. 

This game, developed by Random Logic, has been designed with one main goal in mind: the offering of a truly tantalizing progressive jackpot. Although this only starts at the measly sum of $120, it can quickly reach some pretty stratospheric heights!