Turn Your Old Toys Into Hard Cash: 7 Vintage Toys Worth A Whole Lot Of Money

The transformer G1 transformer toys from the 80s have become expensive collector’s items. Japan began making the figures, but they failed in the United States and Hasbro took it up. Japanese figures are rare but collectible now. There are conditions, but even partial toys or broken toys are collector’s items.

The toys are expensive if they are made in the right country. Not many were made and not all the ones available now look all-new. Their price is for nostalgic reasons. They have no other value. Here are seven transformers that will bring a fortune if you have one or find one.

1. Optimus Prime (Botcon)

As transformers g1 toys go, the transformer is probably at the top of the list as being the only one made. It is one of a kind because it had the head replaced with the head of the man who won it at a Boston Convention in 2007. It was a door prize. He was made by Hasbro and is associated with the lucky draw version of the movie Transformers.


This transformer is in great demand though it isn’t so rare, so much so that his price remains high (close to over $2,000.)even though there are many of them. This one is associated with the movie transformer. He is a futuristic Blaster, a mutated version of Megatron. 

3. GI Defensor Gift Set

This set is rare because it was made in Italy, not Japan or the U.S. It was originally made as a Japanese gift set and was remade in Italy. Not many of them exist.

This is a set of six transformers that go together to make one transformer. Do you know the set in the box sold for over $13,000 on eBay? Of course, if you had kept it with you instead of giving it to a visiting child, you could go to one of the trusted auction sites for vintage toys and present a quote on its value. If it is not used much and still in a box, the price would be nearly this high. Yes, your vintage toys are timeless and can fetch you big money.

4.Piranacon Gift Set

This is a set of sea characters, the Seacon characters, set for a naval war introduced in Marvel Magazines in 1988 and from the Transformers movie. The transformers were formed as a series in the Marvel Comic Books combined from two separate toy groups because Hasbro wanted to take over the products from the Japanese company. They are extremely rare and strange. They recently sold for over $8,119.00.

5. Omega Supreme

This was first a Takara toy from Japan and was contracted by Hasbro. The demand for this figure was greater than they could produce according to the contract. So Hasbro went to ToyBox and contracted for Omega Supreme, a large guardian robot. He was a cannon and rocket.


This was a popular figure because it converted to a miniature boombox. At the time the transformer was produced, the company had not yet made a miniature cassette transformer to go with it. Originally, Takara made a transformer that actually worked as a blaster, but it came on their out list and they changed it, no longer making a working model and produced this one.

7. Fortress Maximus Transformers

He is one of those ugly transformation characters; still, he is a rarity. His current sales price in the box is close to $1,000. He is a giant figure, two feet tall, a Titan fighter in Star Wars. He is made by Hasbro and has two character transformers that attach to him, Cerebos and Titan Master Emissary. One figure becomes his head and the other becomes his bottom.


This is only a sprinkling of characters. They were characters made from movies and comic books popular in the 80s and now remind us of better days gone past when we didn’t have the problems of adults. If you see one at a thrift store or a garage sale, purchase it and look it up later. It is worth that try.