Types of Shoes to Wear on a Private Boat Charter

Private boat tours offer stunning views of a bayside area while surrounding you in the peaceful natural beauty of the ocean. They offer a variety of activities, from daytime whale watching tours to birthday boat cruise San Diego to memorable wedding celebrations. If you’re ready to head out on the water but you’re not sure what shoes to wear, this guide is for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing footwear for your private boat tour san diego.

Choose a Light Sole

Boat shoes have light-colored or white soles. That’s because dark-soled shoes can leave scuffs and marks on the boat deck, something you generally don’t want to do. Many popular brands of boat shoes, such as Sperry, offer a range of styles and fits with white soles. The brand even has stylish options to wear for a san diego yacht wedding, including wedge sandals and sleek loafers. Choose your favorite cut and color for your next birthday boat cruise San Diego.

Add Traction

Boat shoes tend to come with several practical features, including the ability to handle slippery surfaces. Look for shoes that have a rubber sole with a pattern that will help grip the deck and prevent embarrassing slips and falls. Additionally, many boat decks are covered with textured surfaces to help provide traction. You’ll want a shoe that will hold up to the elements and keep you upright during your cruise.

Stay Dry

Boat sole uppers tend to be made out of canvas, leather, mesh or cotton. These materials either deflect water or dry quickly after they encounter moisture. Traditional boat shoe styles offer some drainage, as well, allowing water to escape if you step in a wet spot. Drainage ports, or the little holes on the side of the shoe, let the water out so your feet can get dry again. Shoes with a leather upper are a durable option for those who are planning regular boat outings.

Keep Secure

You don’t want to lose a boat shoe during your trip. Slip-on styles work well for dinner cruises, weddings or other outings where your activity level will be minimal. If you’ll be doing anything that requires a lot of movement on deck, choose a pair of shoes with laces or other fasteners to keep them on your feet. Select a shoe that will fit snugly, without being too tight, to stay comfortable and secure throughout the day.

Show Your Style

You may have seen the traditional boat shoe, with a brown leather upper and white sole. These remain a classic choice, and they’ve stayed in style for nearly a century. If you’re looking to branch out, shoe companies offer a wide range of colors, styles and materials for modern boat shoes. You can mix it up with an open-backed loafer or wedge sandal, or try out new color choices in your regular style. Shoes vary in their level of fanciness, from casual wading shoes to options that can be worn for a wedding or dinner celebration.

The right pair of boat shoes can keep you comfortable, safe and stylish on your next birthday boat cruise San Diego.