Unraveling the Intriguing Plot of Geiger


Geiger is a post-nuclear apocalyptic adventure about a family man who fights to protect his children in an irradiated world. This comic is written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank. Johns and Frank are big names that bring a sense of prestige to their work.

The Plot

Geiger is a post-apocalyptic world filled with scavengers, violent mobs, and a mysterious hero. This series, written by Doomsday Clock collaborator Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, launched Mad Ghost’s imprint at Image Comics to critical acclaim. It follows Geiger, a man who built a fallout shelter for his family and now lives in the desert, protecting them from anyone who might attack them. Geiger also has a two-headed wolf named Barney, his companion in this bleak, radiation-ravaged future. When the King’s knights come looking for Hailee and Henry, Geiger makes short work of them. He then proclaims that he will fight the King and his forces in Boulder City, Nevada, in one week. This is where we see a significant release of Geiger’s nuclear powers. It is an extraordinary moment and gives us an idea of what to expect in this series moving forward.

The Characters

Geiger Ground 0 is the first comic by writer Geoff Johns since his successful run on DC’s Doomsday Clock. The story is about Tariq Geiger, a regular guy until the bombs are dropped. Now, he’s known as the Glowing Man or Joe Glow, a radioactive hero who protects his family from all kinds of outlaws in the post-nuclear wasteland. The premise is reminiscent of other post-apocalyptic sci-fi. However, Johns and Frank take the genre in a different direction with its hero, who’s a walking nuclear bomb. This makes for a refreshing twist to the typical post-apocalyptic fare out there. Fans who visit the booth will get a limited edition, full-color, eight-page ashcan of Geiger. 

The Art

Geiger Ground 0 is a fascinating book that shows that high-quality storytelling still matters in an industry where everyone seems to be focused on entertainment. Johns and Frank create an entertaining and thought-provoking world, and their success shows that plenty of fans enjoy reading about compelling heroes. Geiger is a man of action who is known by many different names. He is the Glowing Man, the Radioactive Man, and even Joe Glow, but before he became a legend, he was just a man with a family to protect. His story follows him as he struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that has been reduced to squabbles between small, hungry fiefdoms and cruel tyrants. Along the way, he encounters two orphans who are as curious about him as he is about them, and it’s these interactions that give Geiger a human side. The art is spectacular, with Gary Frank’s incredible grasp of anatomy and expression bringing the characters to life.

The Writing

In a world of poisoned wasteland where desperate outlaws fight for survival, there is a man everyone fears. He’s known as the Meltdown Man. He’s called Joe Glow. He is Geiger. Twenty years earlier, he was just a man with a family to protect trapped inside their fallout shelter. But the King of Las Vegas wants him dead, and he has the power to make that happen. After surviving a meeting with the King and his knights, Geiger is accosted by scavengers who work for him and the King. During the fight, the rods that dampen his powers break in his anger. He slaughters the scavengers and scars the King.