3 Wedding Colour Combos You’ve Never Seen

In this post, we share some Wedding Colour Combos You’ve Never Seen

When it comes to planning your big day, choosing your wedding colours should be one of the first things you settle on. The colours you choose will go on to inform the look and feel of the entire event, from your outfits to the decorations to the napkins you want at the dining table. The colours will be very important in establishing the tone you desire for the day and should reflect how you feel about the union. Go with big, bold colours to show to everyone that this is going to be the happiest day of your life. Or, maybe something more distinctive: greys and autumnal browns, for example, will show people that you’re celebrating a relationship you plan on maintaining well into your golden years. The choices are endless. Just make sure to pick something that speaks to you and your guests about the love you share for each other. Traditionally, weddings usually have two colours to inform the palette of the wedding planning. But there’s nothing to say you can’t have more. Remember, as with all aspects of the nuptials, make sure both you and your partner are in agreement on the final choice.

What To Decide On

There are lots of factors that should inform your choice of colour. Conversely, what colours you decide upon will influence other aspects of the occasion. First of all, consider the surroundings. Will it be an outdoor wedding? Pick bright colours to go with a sunny day. An indoors celebration? Black-and-white is a foolproof look for a traditional church wedding. Darker colours can look better in more of a heritage-style venue as well. Consider the colour scheme and style of the furnishings and how the colours will look against it. Bear in mind the season as well. Blues and greens work well in spring, while summer is better suited to pastel colours. Moving into autumn and winter, greys and browns can play off the muted tone of the weather. Everyone has their favourite colour, but remember this may not be the wisest choice to employ in the overall colour scheme of the event: although when it comes to your wedding dress, all bets are off! Make sure to check JJ’s House for beautiful wedding dresses options. You can always head home to play slots online win real money like a pro instead. Let’s look at a few colour schemes that are as inspirational as they are head-turning.

Burgundy, Navy & Silver

A timeless combination rich in romantic undertones. The deep reds of Burgundy help assert the romance pulsing through the relationship. They also speak to the seriousness and commitment of the lovers’ emotional intent. Navy is simply a classic colour that adds an air of sophistication to the occasion and can be easily incorporated into any decorative trimming you might have in mind. Silver adds an air of elegance and luxury to the proceedings and goes well against anything. Pick this combination for a classic venue arrangement such as a country house. Perhaps consider pairing with roses and lilies for your floral arrangements.

Olive, Cobalt & Hazel

A demure, low-key blend of shades to add an ethereal atmosphere to proceedings on your special day. Pick a colour scheme that’s as unique as your relationship. This combination of colours would go perfectly with an outdoor garden party-style wedding. The verdant green of olive blends with woodland hazel and deep blue cobalt to encompass the celebration of your union in a natural setting. Unorthodox colouring ensures that your special ceremony will stay with you and your guests long after the confetti has been cleared up.

Bubblegum Pink, Peppermint & Peach

Make your ceremony pop with a fun and vibrant selection of pastel colours. These softer blends can add excitement to proceedings with their unmitigated gaiety. The bright pink will evoke hopeful feelings among the guests. Peppermint is a bit of a left-field choice but oozes cool. Peach adds a layer of organic warmth to the mixture. Try this for an urban wedding where the drab surroundings need some sprucing up. Perhaps get your wedding cake patterned to match the colour scheme. This a great look for a young couple still madly in love with each other.

So there you go. Mix and match ideas with your soon-to-be-spouse. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different to make your wedding stand out. Consider as well that your colour combination can be threaded into your preparations in lots of different ways. From matching bunting and confetti to table decorations and bridesmaids outfits, take this opportunity to show people what colour your love is on your special day.