Were You in a Hit and Run Accident Lately?

Many people have to deal with auto accidents in their years of driving or being passengers in a vehicle.

That said what do you need to think of if you in fact end up being the victim of a hit and run?

From potential physical damage to you and the vehicle to the financial fallout, a hit and run can have an impact.

So, how best to handle one when it has your name on it?

Your Physical Well-Being is Most Important

In recovering from a hit and run accident, here are some things you want to concentrate on:

1. Physical well-being – Above all else, make sure you are okay with your physical health. You could have suffered an injury that is not always going to show up right away. This could be something such as a concussion. There may also be the possibility of some internal injuries that also do not come to mind right away. If medical personnel do not come to the scene, go to the nearest medical facility or see your doctor as soon as you can. This will give you more assurance that in fact you are okay.

2. Finding the driver – Something of interest to you of course will be tracking down the driver that hit you. For whatever reason, the driver decided to flee the scene. They may have a warrant out for their arrest. There is the possibility they were drunk at the time they hit you. The goal is to find them sooner than later so that they are held accountable for their actions. One thought is trying to track them down online. If you or one at the scene got their license plate number, use any available online resource to try and find them. You could go on the web at the first chance you get like others do to find the owner of a vehicle by license plate number. Such a search could point authorities in the direction of the one responsible for it all. If you do find out who the driver is and where they live, never take it into your own hands to deal with the matter. Always make sure law enforcement is there to handle the matter.

3. How your vehicle did – Unless hit while out walking or riding a bike, the logical thought is you were in a vehicle. To be more specific, odds are it was your vehicle at the time. That said how did your car or truck hold up? The hope is that it did not suffer damage which will make it no longer able to be on the roads moving ahead. If the repairs needed are minimal, this would be the best possible scenario. It is important that you not rush to get any repairs done. This is until you know more about the accident and the driver. The last thing you want is to get saddled with a big repair bill when it was not your fault. Let authorities and the insurer figure things out.

When you have been in a hit and run, the hope is it will be your one and only one and you move on safely.