Why aluminum packaging is better for your health

When it comes to choosing packaging material for your food, primarily, we want it to be safe for our health. Although the market is flooded with conventional packaging materials like plastics, glass, cardboard, and more, they all have some flaws that hinder their usability for food packaging. For instance, most of the plastic packaging contains BPA chemical agent that has been known infamously for its adverse concerns on our health, glass containers are easily broken, and paper packaging is not sturdy enough. However, aluminum packaging is one of those lifesavers when it comes to food-safe, secure, and efficient food packaging. 

You can use aluminum for a diverse range of food storage options. Aluminum bottles can be used to store liquids. They can also be used as everyday reusable water bottles instead of one-time-use plastic bottles. Aluminum tin containers and cans could be used to store beverages or solid food in your home, from leftover foods to dry snacks for everyday consumables.  

In today’s world, much of the food that is sold comes in some sort of packaging. In Europe alone, more than 90% of food and consumable items sold are prepackaged. The packaging is used to protect food and consumables and safe them from spoilage during transportation and shop displays. Therefore, it is vital to choose safe and healthy products for you, and aluminum packaging is one of the safest out there for almost all sorts of products sold to commoners. When you choose aluminum packaging, it’s a great relief knowing you made the right decision. Below are some significant reasons highlighting how aluminum packaging is better for your health.

Aluminum is a natural material, so it does not require any chemical coating, making it appropriate for storing food or cosmetics. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality of the product. Several competent authorities confirm that consumables preserved and stored in aluminum packaging are safe for our bodies. This safety factor makes it very popular in the eyes of the consumers, preferring aluminum packaging over other materials like plastic and other metals.

Aluminum is the most common metal, and it is the third most common material found on the Earth’s layer. It is easily extracted from minerals and is thus a widely available option. This is important as it ensures a constant and abundant supply chain for industries that can then rely on it for the long term and provide it at an affordable cost. Aluminum can be recycled, requiring minimal energy. It uses about five percent of its primary production energy. This saves a lot of energy and emissions, thus making aluminum profitable and environmentally friendly, which adds to its factors for making it an elite choice for the food industry.

Aluminum packaging has excellent durability. It can maintain its integrity for a long time, even if there is little to no maintenance. Its corrosion resistance features allow for the safe storage of acid consumables without any degradation of quality. With aluminum, there is a high degree of protection for products. Its non-porous surface and opaque characteristics provide complete protection against light, moisture, and oxygen even when a thin foil of the material is used. It will not compromise the quality and safety of the products. 

Using plastics packages is harmful to your health and for the environment too. There are high environmental costs to using plastics. Plastics are not easily recycled or reused. It requires an immense amount of energy for recycling. It requires more energy to recycle plastic to produce virgin plastics from the already polluting fuels like oil and gas. Even when dumped in landfills, plastics can take up to centuries to decompose. In addition, plastic that ends up in the ocean poses severe risks to aquatic life; marine animals get killed because of the consummation of plastic and microplastics. The harmful chemical like BPA also adds to the already mounting problems of plastic related to oceans. 

Additionally, there are other benefits for the industry to choose aluminum as their choice for packaging their goods. It comes in various colors, allowing vendors to select something that matches their theme. Manufacturing aluminum jars, cans, and containers in different sizes and shapes are relatively easy with competing materials. Aluminum also matches all the current printing techniques, meaning companies do not have to drastically change their production lines when switching over to superior aluminum packaging such as custom tins. Product sold in aluminum packaging gives it a premium look; the metallic feel is a popular selling point. 

In conclusion, there are many packaging materials to choose from. However, we must find the one that is safe for us. It is better to use aluminum packaging over other materials like plastics for the reasons mentioned above. It is also an economically and environmentally friendly choice. In addition, aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and chemical-free. Thus, making a convincing case as to why aluminum has many direct and indirect health and environmental benefits for humankind.