Why Handmade Candles Are Worth the Splurge

Whether buying for yourself or gifting, there are plenty of reasons to buy handmade candles over store-bought options. Let’s examine why they’re worth the splurge and why you should start stocking up on them.

Regarding candlemaking, the scent is one of the most important factors customers look for. The right scent can be a huge brand selling point and help set them apart from competitors.

They’re Handmade

Store-bought candles are mass-produced with synthetic materials and fragrances that release toxic chemicals into the air when burned. Handmade candles like those found at candle studios like Brooklyn Candle Studio use natural ingredients like beeswax, soy wax, or palm wax to create a clean and safe burning candle.

Handmade candles are a great option for any home decor enthusiast. They add a personalized touch to any room, are perfect for gifts, and are easily customized with colors, scents, and shapes.

Unlike most popular mass-produced candles, handmade candles are made by real people with a deep connection to their craft and an unmatched dedication to their work. Every time you patronize small, local artisans instead of large, mass-produced candle brands, you support their dreams and foster an economy of innovation and growth.

You’ll also find that handmade candles are more affordable and unique than store-bought options. Since most handmade candles are made with beeswax, soy, or vegetable-based waxes, they’re typically less expensive than the paraffin wax used in mass-produced candles.

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, handmade candles burn cleaner and longer than their mass-produced counterparts. This is because the wax is derived from renewable sources, making it better for the environment and your health.

They’re also easier to travel with and can be sold at craft shows and pop-up shops, allowing merchants to meet their target customers face-to-face and get direct product feedback.

They’re Unique

One of the best possibilities, if you’re looking for a present novel idea, is handmade candles. Every candle manufacturer devotes their time and unwavering devotion to producing the ideal-smelling product because actual people manufacture them.

They’re also a great way to support your local economy. Many small businesses make their candles, and you’ll support them.

These candles are also safer than store-bought versions, as they’re created using a higher quality of wax. This results in a more stable candle that burns evenly, which can help to purify the air around you.

The ability to personalize handcrafted candles is one of their best features. You can mix in various colors and scents depending on the kind of wax you select. Even non-toxic crayons can be used to draw colorful patterns on the candle.

Another reason handmade candles are worth the splurge is that they’re eco-friendly and cost-effective. They’re made from natural ingredients, which means they’re healthier for your family and the environment.

Handmade candles also burn longer and cleaner than store-bought varieties, another good reason to splurge on them. They’re a much better alternative to toxic paraffin wax.

Aside from their eco-friendly materials and scents, handmade candles are unique and beautiful. They’re a unique way to personalize your home and make a great gift for any occasion.

To start making homemade candles, you’ll need various tools. These include wax recipes, wicks, candle containers, fragrances, essential oils, and spatulas. You can buy some of these items online, but you can also find them at craft shows and pop-up shops.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Candles are an essential part of any home decor. They can also be one of the most thoughtful DIY gifts to give. However, candles can also be an environmental hazard and a major source of indoor air pollution, so many eco-conscious people have switched to vegetable-based alternatives.

Traditional paraffin wax is petroleum based and emits harmful chemicals like benzene, toluene, and carbon monoxide. These toxins can enter the home through direct contact with the flame, so opting for a vegetable-based alternative is the most environmentally friendly way to light your home.

Coconut, rapeseed, and soy wax are more sustainable than paraffin, and they burn slowly and cleanly and distribute fragrance evenly. They also last much longer, so you won’t need to buy as many candles as you would with paraffin.

Soy is a natural alternative to paraffin, and it also lasts longer than paraffin, so you don’t have to keep buying new candles. You can find soy candles that are made from organic soybeans, as well as those that are locally sourced and made without deforestation. Consider handmade candles that come in reusable vessels for an extra special touch.

They’re Beautiful

Homemade candles are not only gorgeous to look at, but they also have a unique scent. Handmade candles are the best way to spruce up your living room or add some extra ambiance to your bedroom.

Handmade candles are made by skilled artists who care greatly when crafting them. They use quality waxes and carefully selected fragrance oils made with natural ingredients.

These candles are perfect for giving to loved ones as gifts or decorating your home yourself. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to please anyone.

Gives Personal Touch

Candles are a wonderful way to give your home a personal touch. They can be personalized, come in some sizes and shapes, and are excellent gifts. They are the perfect product for vendors who wish to offer them at craft events or pop-up shops because they are portable. Many candles are made with a combination of wax, essential oils, and fragrances to produce their signature scents. Some of these candles are scented with natural ingredients like soy, coconut oil, and beeswax. Vegan candles are becoming more popular, too, due to their cruelty-free and environmentally friendly ingredients.

When it comes to scent, luxury candles are well worth the splurge. This Brazilian vetiver, cypress root, and wild-jungle flora scent is a soothing addition to any space.